REVIEW: Amphibia – Season 3, Episode 11, “Commander Anne/Sprivy”

In the last episode of season 3, we got a dose of some extra-crazy action from Commander Anne in an unlikely scenario. This week’s review is about how this situation turned out for our two main characters as well as what it means for the future.

“Amphibia” is a popular anime series and has been running for 3 seasons. The latest season, “Commander Anne/Sprivy”, aired on October 16th and was met with mixed reviews.

Season 3, Episode 11, “Commander Anne/Sprivy” REVIEW: Amphibia

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“Commander Anne” picks up where “Escape to Amphibia” left off, with Anne and the Plantars looking on as the Amphibia is destroyed. They are assaulted by a monstrous centipede and saved by Sasha and a few Wartwood residents. Anne and Sasha have an unexpected pleasant reunion, and Sasha brings them to the Plantar home’s refuge, a.k.a. the basement. Sasha reinstalls Anne as Wartwood’s leader after a trip. In light of all the changes in Amphibia and Sasha’s leadership experience, Anne is hesitant to take the task, but Sasha and the Wartwood inhabitants push. The gang is nearly devoured, absorbed into quicksand, and dumped into a gorge under Anne’s watchful eye. Sasha finally explains the actual reason she doesn’t want to take command: the last time she had it, she wrecked their relationship. When it comes down to it, Sasha charges a snake that is frightening her companions, and everything works out. Anne holds a poll, and since everyone in town wants Sasha to return to power, she agrees to do so on the condition that she work with Anne. 

Amphibia Commander Anne

Sprig and Ivy, Wartwood’s self-proclaimed prettiest pair, are the subject of “Sprivy.” They, along with Stumpy and Fern, are chosen for a mission during a town briefing. The only issue is that Sasha insists on pairing Fern with Ivy and Stumpy with Sprig, much to the chagrin of the young couple. When Sasha refuses to change the teams, Sprig devises his own scheme, persuading Fern and Stumpy that she had altered the pairings on the spur of the moment. This results in a tight call, when Stumpy and Fern are unable to dismantle an electric fence, forcing Sprig and Ivy to stick to the original plan. After the girls disable the gate, Sprig and Stumpy successfully destroy a generator. Sasha is just “a bit irritated,” and Sprig apologizes. 

“Commander Anne” is a fantastic episode that serves as a welcome return to the show’s original setting. There’s a tangible sense of tension between Anne and Sasha. This is apt, given how their run-ins in the season 1 and 2 finales went. Sasha has changed a lot since she last saw Anne, as indicated by her aversion to giving commands now that she’s back. Regardless matter what has happened, Anne is just relieved to see her old friend alive and well. I wish we could have witnessed more of Sasha’s journey this season, especially since it is the last one. We’ve had a few of episodes where we’ve looked at her growth and some background on her upbringing. Even yet, I would have liked additional context on such a dramatic change of heart. This is due to the way Disney Channel treats animated series in general, rather than the program itself; Cassandra was treated similarly in season 3 of Tangled: The Series. When it comes to topics like episode count and duration, it seems that Disney provides its showrunners very little leeway. This is most likely where the split episodes originate. As a result, Amphibia’s development of Anne, the Plantars, Mr. and Mrs. Boonchouy, and a few supporting characters is amazing. The attention shown to Sasha is appropriate; I simply expect more from character redemptions like this. I can’t help but think of Zuko’s character journey from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and no one does it quite like him. 

Amphibia Commander Anne

I enjoy how open they are about Anne’s abilities vs Sasha’s in this scene. Anne is clever, sympathetic, and has matured much over the course of the series, but she is not a combat strategist. I’m delighted they’re ready to portray the individuals’ strengths and shortcomings instead of creating one unstoppable superhero who doesn’t need assistance. With this setting, Sasha’s experiences in Amphibia and her former role as the dominating member of Anne’s buddy group make sense as well. Of course, she’s the boss; just because she’s made errors in the past doesn’t imply she doesn’t have a decent head on her shoulders the most of the time. Her statement that this is a cooperation with Anne is also encouraging. After all, Anne was the one who previously rescued the Wartwood family from Sasha. She needs to be very engaged. As an aside, “Commander Anne” has been credited by numerous Amphibia fans as establishing Sasha’s interest to women. This allegation perplexes and frustrates me since it seems to be a purposeful misinterpretation of Sasha’s response to being restored as Commander. She smiles and blushes at Anne as well as the rest of the Wartwood warriors. Because it’s in reaction to a vote of confidence from multiple individuals, I didn’t interpret it as romantic. Let’s not call anything what it isn’t. Also, Anne and Sasha are only starting to rebuild their bond; why would they start dating right away? I’m not going to say yes, puppy. 

Amphibia Commander Anne

“Sprivy” is a lighter dish, but it’s still tasty. This week’s episode is an excellent illustration of the split episode structure in action, combining a character-driven tale with a lighter, more enjoyable one. Both tales were also able to fit under the 11-minute time limit, which is not frequently the case. So, although it may seem unusual, credit to “Commander Anne/Sprivy” for using its format to its advantage rather than as a glaring flaw. I’ve only seen the previous seasons once, and it shows since I’ve completely forgotten about Ivy and her growing romance with Sprig. I’m not sure how I feel about it, however I’m pleased they matched Sprig with another frog instead of attempting an interspecies pairing with Anne. It’s far simpler to engage in Spranne’s friendship than it is in Sprivy’s romance, but reversing the dynamics would be disastrous. I enjoy the lesson Sprig learns, and the Charlie Brown allusion in his dance with Ivy was amusing, but there’s not much more to say about this episode, which is great with me. 

“Commander Anne/Sprivy” is a fantastic comeback to Amphibia, as well as a great deal of fun. In the first half, Sasha and Anne receive a lot of growth, the second half is a lot of fun, and there’s lots of action and laughter all around. 

Plot – 9
Acting (10 points)
8.5 Progression
8 – Production Design
8 – Character development



“Commander Anne/Sprivy” is a fantastic comeback to Amphibia, as well as a Great deal of fun. In the first half, Sasha and Anne receive a lot of growth, the second half is a lot of fun, and there’s lots of action and laughter all around. 

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