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Returnal Phrike is the final boss in Returnal and first appears as a large demonic creature, but is revealed to be a corrupted version of the game’s protagonist, Malo. In order to fight the Returnal Phrike, you have to play through the entire Returnal game again. Returnal Phrike does not have any sort of direct attacks but instead uses the environment around it to attack you. These attacks include casting a spell which causes a giant fist to rise from the ground and smash you, sucking you into the ground and causing you to be stuck for a few seconds, pushing you into the spikes on the walls, and shooting a giant laser across the room.

As Returnal Phrike has grown in popularity and gained a bigger following, players have been asking for a boss guide, so here you go! Since Returnal Phrike is 100% user-generated content, there’s a lot of variety in how bosses are built, but here’s a general breakdown of the most effective strategies for each boss, to help you get started.

Fricke is the first boss you meet in Returnal. This enemy holds the key to the exit of the game’s first biome, the overgrown ruins. Compared to the other opponents you’ve faced so far, Phrike is one step ahead of them all. Fortunately, you only have to deal with one of them. In this guide, we will give you all the knowledge you need to defeat the first boss and continue the game.

Directions to Fricke


You know you’ve found Phrike because you come across the largest door in this biome. It will be marked red on your map when you get there. You need the Anathema key to unlock it, but once you have it, it will be unlocked for all other launches. You find the key by exploring the biome.

Once you find this door, go through the next room until you see the translocator on the other side. You’ll have to kill a few enemies first, but it’s worth unlocking this quick travel point to explore the other end of the map.

Enhanced combat readiness


Since the world resets after each death, in some cases the door to the final boss will only be a few rooms away from your starting point. However, if you want to defeat this boss, you’ll have to explore most, if not all, of the map before facing him.

Your equipment depends entirely on the specific layout of your zone and the accessories, bugs and weapons that suit your play style. Some add-ons will always be useful, for example. B. Those that increase your maximum integrity. Anything that increases the effectiveness of the treatment is also a great benefit. As for the parasites, you don’t want too many disadvantages in this fight. Only choose parasites that are really useful for your playstyle. For example, a parasite increases your weapon skill and adds an extra kill to your adrenaline. To us, it was an acceptable deal, because owning a firearm increases the power to kill in almost all areas.

Artifacts are another tricky aspect of your gear. You can never guarantee what will be in circulation. However, you’ll be able to collect just about any artifact you find in this first biome, as you’ll have no shortage of options for your costume. Take everything you can get. Even though they don’t help you in the Final Battle they do help you explore the world, and the items you find there will definitely come in handy in the final battle.

Finally, try to bring something to the fight. Again: Only take one item that fits your play style. For us, it was the Shield. It blocks an attack and helps in the final phase of the boss. You can stack many of the same items, so be careful what useful items you can bring into the arena.

The best weapon to kill Fricke.


Like everything else in Returnal, choosing the best weapon depends on how you play. For all we know, the weapon that killed Fricke for good was the Electropylon driver. Exploring the world, we found a five-star version with the alternate Blast Shell shot, two levels of damage and pylon duration bonuses, and one level of projectile speed. We also unlocked the Finisher and Wreckage Mover traits because we used them a lot, meaning they do more damage when enemies have low health.

This weapon deals damage over time, so you can fire a few shots, use the alternate fire, and then concentrate on dodging attacks. All the while, the boss is suffering. We found it hit harder than any other product, but that’s because we used it for hours at a time during almost every race. If you have used a different gun for most of your rides and find it more comfortable, use the one you are most comfortable with. Make sure it has a high star rating and at least two attributes.

Attacks and strategies


Now let’s look at Phrike’s attacks. We will give you some tips on how to deal with it at each stage. Phrike will use the same attacks in all three phases of the fight. In the later stages, each attack becomes a little stronger and harder to dodge. We will also inform you of all these changes.

Each phase counts as a health bar for the boss. When you’ve used up one, the next one starts. Fricke will scream for a few seconds in between. During this window, you can perform a melee attack if you are fast. But don’t be too greedy. Stay away if you don’t think you have time. Phrike will also attack more often in the second and third stages. He goes from one attack to another like a madman, so you’ll have to be much more careful towards the end of the fight.

Blue Searching Laser

Phrike raises his hands and fires a series of blue aiming lasers. They chase you through the arena, but quickly fall back to the ground after about five seconds. This attack is the same in all three phases, but the lasers move slightly faster in the second and third phases.

If Phrike fires lasers, get away from him. Lasers are easier to dodge if you run to either side and keep shooting at the boss. If you get too close to them, they will hit you almost immediately. If the lasers get too close, reduce the distance with a sharp stroke. Otherwise, continue to inflict damage throughout the attack.

Purple balls

Fricke uses this attack right after the blue targeting lasers. The boss raises his hands in the air and summons dozens of purple orbs. In the first phase they sink into the ground in a circle and spread outwards. Fricke jumps to the side and fires a laser beam. Phrike will use more laser beams in the second and third stages of this attack than in the first. The purple bullets also fall in a new pattern, forming a maze that you must dodge to avoid taking damage.

In the first step, go to the middle of the purple balls. It is a clear place where you will not be harmed. You have to dodge to avoid the approaching laser beam, but otherwise you can keep shooting. You can also keep shooting in stages two and three, but then you have to make sure the bullets are coming at you. Phrike can also get more blue target lasers during these phases. Watch what the boss is doing and dodge to avoid damage. It’s more important to stay alive than to do any damage.

Laser beam

There are two versions of this attack. The first is a laser aimed directly at the ground in your direction. The second is a laser moving in an arc around the arena. Fricke alternates between the two during the phases.

When Phrike lowers his head to charge a laser beam, dodge to either side to avoid the attack. When Phrike attacks from the side with a head shot, it’s the arc he’s aiming for. To avoid damage, move backwards or forwards during the attack. You can keep shooting during these attacks, but it’s best to concentrate on not getting hit yourself.

Laser pulse

In this attack, Phrike points his head down and fires a laser beam at the ground. This creates a circular impulse that moves outward. If it hits you, you’re going to be damaged. The Phrike emits only one laser pulse in phase 1, but two in phases 2 and 3.

It’s easy to avoid a lady here. All you have to do is jump over the rings as they approach. Immediately after generating a laser pulse, Phrike will rush at you to perform a melee attack, so you should save your Dash for when he appears. Try to skip the laser pulse early. This way you can wait for Phrike to make a mêlee attack, and then dodge to hit him with your own mêlee attack.


The last step is an evasion tactic. Phrike will fall underground and move to a new location. You can follow him by the orange glow on the ground. You can retreat to a distance and prepare your aim, or stay close and quickly enter the fray as soon as he appears. Both attacks do decent damage, but the melee attack is much riskier.



If you kill Fricke, you get the crimson key. This is the device that opens the access to the next biome. You also have the ability to get new permanent upgrades and even eliminate a plague in exchange for some resources if you want.

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