Return Upload Zone on the Web With a Samoan Domain


The news was simply announced on the site’s Facebook page. While the gendarmerie put an end to the zone-download.comadventure, and disconnected the link anonymization tool that was DL-Protect, individuals claiming to be staff ZT let it be known that they had been able to transfer the site to a new domain. The address is unchanged except that the .com has been replaced by a .ws (Samoa). Of course, as before, there are no illicit links strictly speaking on the Download Area In the absence of DL-Protect, they are now hidden via a portal at the very original

On Facebook, the buyers explain that Zone Telechargement is above all a community of enthusiasts, sharing and many links that have been forged. ZT is not this piracy site, but rather this place of exchange and sharing, this link aggregator that allows us to find the films and series we are looking for. It is rich in this observation and saddened at the same time [that they] have decided to take matters into their own hands. This new address has the same vocation as the old one, to bring together enthusiasts, to live of sharing and to enjoy culture and arts, because nowadays to offer oneself a DVD is a luxury!

Still in the same post, the new site team invites the members of the community to not to let injustice settle, because by remaining united, they can show [their] strength and [their] legitimacy.

It should be remembered that Zone Download, until its recent closure, allowed its progenitors to brew millions of euros each year thanks to advertising, and this, without paying a single cent to the rightful owners. It is therefore unlikely that the authorities see the resurrection of the site as a legitimate sharing initiative motivated by a passion for culture and the arts .

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