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Responsible gambling: 5 things to keep in mind

It’s no secret that gambling can be one of the most addictive pastimes that, if not done responsibly, can have devastating effects on the players and those closest to them.

Getting carried away in the heat of the moment is something that is all too common in the world of gambling. The adrenaline that comes with big money opportunities, the pressure from onlookers at the table and that ‘just can’t lose’ mindset that comes with a winning streak all work to keep you tuned in to the game.

These are just some of the reasons that it’s not uncommon for the occasional struggle to walk away, a collapsed strategy and a foggy head that conspire to send all reason out of the window. Sensible isn’t exactly sexy, but neither is blowing your entire pay-packet on a game of roulette. I know which option I’d rather take.

Knowing how to gamble responsibly is a skill everyone wandering into a casino should possess. It is rarely the case, but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping in mind just a few bits and pieces when you’re next rolling the dice at the table, you can be sure that you’re gambling responsibly, and keeping it fun in the process.

From keeping a clear head and creating a gambling bankroll to knowing when to walk away and recognizing the risks involved – here are 5 key things that you should keep in mind when gambling.

1. Keep a clear head

It’s often said that if you’re playing with risk it’s best not to drink so you can keep your head clear. My view is a little different.

I believe gambling should only be treated as a bit of fun – not a way to reach financial freedom, pay off debts or make a living. Gambling should be an enjoyable and perhaps social occasion to be played inside limits, keeping life-altering risk entirely out of the picture.

Although keeping a clear head should be a priority, I would never advise avoiding alcohol entirely, after all, if it’s all in good fun, there’s no reason not to imbibe a little.

Keeping a clear head, in my mind, should be more about the mindset of the players and the mental state at the time of playing. Instead of becoming impatient, agitated or impulsive with play, it’s important to keep cool, calm and collected, realizing that it’s all simply a game.

Recognizing that over-agitated gamblers are a danger to themselves is perhaps the first step, but keeping in mind that the casino isn’t out to get you or that losses aren’t personal are among the best attitudes to adopt.

If you like the casino experience, you don’t necessarily have to stay away from gambling. There are hundreds of websites out there who can help you find the best deals to sign up online for casinos. I’ve recently signed up for an online casino through promo codes coming from OnlineCasinoGems. And it worked like a charm.

After all, it’s all a game of luck (well mostly).

2. Create a gambling bankroll

One of the most popular methods to ensure responsible gambling comes in the form of a dedicated gambling bankroll, used only for betting purposes.

By pooling and only spending non-necessary funds (i.e. not your rent or food money), you can make sure that you are only playing with what you can afford to lose. If you have not got a guide set-out, it can be a slippery slope that leads to multiple ATM withdrawals.

You should never play with borrowed money, no matter the lender and always avoid getting into financial trouble where possible. But please remember, no form of gambling is a clear pathway to clearing debt and addictions can lead to catastrophic consequences. You may even get banned by a casino if you don’t manage yourself and your finances right. Played well and within limits-it’s all just a bit of fun.

3. Know when to walk away

Knowing when to walk away, leave and finish your evening is a skill with which even the best gamblers struggle – but it’s vital if you are to game responsibly.

Admittedly, this is often much easier said than done and if you’re on a winning streak, it can be hard to pry yourself from the table. This is, however, the key to avoiding catastrophic loss, despite how counterintuitive it may feel at the time. Remember that adage: you should always quit while you’re ahead.

A great way to do this is to enforce predefined win and loss limits and leave as soon as you reach either of the two. It’s the ultimate test of self-discipline, but you won’t regret it!

Kenny Rogers was definitely onto something special.

4. Even the best strategy still boils down to chance

No matter how well you know a game, how much experience you have at the table or just how much you think the odds are in your favor – when you’re running a strategy it’s still gambling and that means chance is king.

No strategy can outplay chance, so if you’re playing and adhering to one, no matter the game, it’s important to remember that the rules aren’t set in stone and anything could happen. Just because you’re running a strategy does not mean you’re untouchable.

Set limits, know when to leave and have a dedicated gambling bankroll. That should be your main strategy. Everything else is extra.

5. When the fun stops, stop

There is a reason the Senet Group campaign ‘when the fun stops, stop’ is such a successful message when it comes to keeping gambling responsible – it’s simple, it’s effective and it’s true

Any seasoned gambler will tell you that once the fun is over, gambling will turn sour and start to pick you apart as you go into autopilot on the game of choice. This is one of the reasons that slot machines are so addictive. Sure they’re fun at the outset, but once you have a couple of wins under your belt it’s all about chasing jackpots on autopilot. And while some people actually win in casinos, the majority of players will leave the casino at a loss.

There have even been recent calls to cut betting machine stakes. The UK is one of the first to slash maximum bets from £100 down to just £2 per play. Betting machines often lose appeal very quickly and with previous capabilities to lose £100 every 20 seconds, it’s a serious issue that should be addressed.

But the message from those in charge still stands as the most simple – when the fun stops, stop.

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