Release Roundup: Joplin 1.0.195, Audacious 4.0, Meteo Qt 1.6, Gammy 0.9.58

This weekend four motions for resolutions have been tabled, which we will briefly discuss in this article:

  • Joplin (free open source application) 1.0.195 adds an experimental WYSIWYG editor.
  • Bold (music player) 4.0 upgrades to Qt5 standard, GTK2 version will have no new features in the future
  • Gammy (Adaptive Screen Brightness) 0.9.58 is a correction for location-dependent temperatures.
  • Meteo Qt (application for displaying weather information in the drawer) 1.6 adds some minor changes


Joplin 1.0.195 adds experimental WYSIWYG editor.


Joplin is a free open source application for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. It has an end-to-end encryption and demarcation system and although it does not provide a synchronization service itself, it may use certain third party services such as OneDrive, NextCloud or Dropbox (also supported by WebDAV).

The latest stable version of Joplin, 1.0.195, adds a new experimental WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is a system where you can use editing software to change the content to a form that resembles the appearance of the printed or displayed product.

Other changes to Joplin 1.0.195 :

  • Added possibility to update the encryption with the master key and synchronize the target encryption
  • Api: Add support for tag properties for the PUTnote request
  • Global shortcut to show/hide Joplin added: Ctrl+Alt+J on Linux and Windows and Cmd+Opt+J on MacOS.
  • Fast removal of notebooks
  • Extension of the list of notaries with emphasis
  • Indication of lists when the tab key is pressed while the cursor is after abullet.
  • Error correction

Read this article for more information: Joplin: Open source encryption with application support and creation

Bold 4.0 upgrades to Qt5 standard, GTK2 will have no new features up to.


Audio 4.0 Qt5

Audacious is a free audio player, descendant of XMMS, running under Linux, *BSD and Windows. The package includes a graphic equalizer, LADSPA effects, plug-ins and two : GTK2 and Qt5. It also supports Winamp’s classic Skins.

In the latest version of Audacious 4.0 the music player has been replaced by Qt5 as standard. The GTK2 user interface is still available and supported, but no new functionality has been added.

Although the Audacious Qt5 interface has been significantly improved since the first version, some features, such as the Jump to Song window, are still missing. The developers also recommend that users with a Winamp based user interface stay with GTK2 for the time being.

It is also important to note that Microsoft Windows binaries will continue to use GTK2 version until some Windows-specific font size problems (on screens above 96 DPI) can be resolved in Qt.

More changes in Bold 4.0 :

  • By clicking on the column headers of the playlist columns, you can sort the playlist.
  • Dragging the playlist headers changes the order of the columns.
  • General parameters for step size as a function of volume and time
  • New option for hiding playlist tabs
  • When sorting the playlist by path, the folders are now sorted by file.
  • Implementation of new MPRIS calls to ensure compatibility with KDE 5.16+.
  • New tracking module based on OpenMPT
  • New visualization plugin VU-Meter
  • Added the possibility to use the SOCKS network proxy server
  • The song change plugin now works under Windows
  • New orders Next Album and Previous Album.
  • The label editor in the Qt-UI can now edit multiple files at the same time
  • Setting up a Preset IUQ Window
  • The lyrics plug-in has the ability to store and download texts locally.
  • The fuzzy lexicon and spectrum visualisations according to Qt
  • The timbre selection of the MIDI plugin is set to Qt
  • The JACK output plugin has been given several new options
  • Added infinite loop option for PSF files
  • Supervision of the experimental construction with mezzanine floor

Audacious 4.0 is not yet available in official repositories for most Linux distributions. Even the Arch-Linux repositories weren’t updated with the latest version of Audacious at the time of writing this article (although you can get the git-Aur package for a more recent version).

Ubuntu users (and Pop!_OS, Linux Mint etc.) can install Audacious with the unofficial PPA, but note that there are many other packages in this PPA, so you can get updates for some things you don’t need. You can only add it to install Audacious and then uninstall it to avoid problems.

Grandmother 0.9.58


Adaptive Gammi screen brightness for Windows and Linux (x11)

Gammy is a screen brightness adjustment tool (with Qt5 GUI tray / GUI) that periodically takes screen shots and adjusts pixel brightness to the content of the screen, reducing the intensity of the screen if what you are viewing is too bright, or brightening if the content is too dark. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (only X11, so it will not work on Wayland).

Changes in Gammi 0.9.58 :

  • Wrong temperature condition corrected at a certain interval (additional tests are required).
  • Determination of a strong temperature change
  • Fixed an error related to the configuration file
  • Speculative correction for settings that are not always saved
  • Added animation frame rate parameters for configuration. brt_fps and temp_fps for brightness and temperature respectively.
  • The default setting is 60 SPF for brightness and 45 SPF for temperature. Try to reduce them if you have performance problems.

This version of Gammy 0.9.58 was created in preparation for the release of a new feature: In the new version, location-dependent temperatures are provided for.
More information on this subject: Grandma: Adaptive Screen Brightness Tool for Linux (contains Fedora installation instructions that are not available on the Gammy repository page).

Weather Qt 1.6



Meteo Qt is an application for displaying weather information on the PyQt5 platform. In addition to displaying the current weather (for your region or other custom regions that you can add in the settings), the application can also display weather forecasts in the user interface and display notifications on the desktop when the weather changes.

The application will ask you to create an account for and get your own API key to use it with Meteo Qt.

Weather changes Qt 1.6 :

  • Show a T° sensation.
  • Possibility of displaying the symbol of the direction plate as a T° symbol.
  • Possibility to use symbols from the system theme
  • Translated into the latest versions


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