Redmi Note 6 Pro: a Cheap Smartphone With Good Surprises in Store

We have tested the Redmi Note 6 Pro, Xiaomi’s less than €200 smartphone.

We like

  • The Canon Prize
  • Autonomy
  • Pictures in daylight

We don’t like

  • The design is a bit average
  • The absence of USB-C


Of course, the Redmi Note 6 Pro can be criticized for the lack of USB-C, NFC or a facial recognition module to unlock the device… But at this price, you still get a smartphone that offers great photos in full light, lasts almost two days without being recharged and has a CPU that holds its own. Xiaomi signs here a very good phone for less than 200 €, which finally represents the ultimate reference in this price range.


Although released at the end of last year in France, we had not yet had the opportunity to fully test the Redmi Note 6 Pro of Xiaomi, due to lack of time. Taking advantage of a brief lull before the MWC’s surge of smartphones, we were finally able to put it to the test.

First of all, remember that the Redmi Note 6 Pro is a device equipped with a Snapdragon 636, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of space. In spite of a very low price, the device benefits from a double sensor on the back of 12 + 5 MP, and another one on the front of 20 + 2 MP. It also benefits from a battery of 4000 mAh, which places it among the most autonomous smartphones, at least in theory.

1 – A shy yes to design

The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes in the form of a 6,26″ smartphone with a large front panel that can be hidden at will via the device settings. If the screen of the smartphone device is a little too protruding in thickness (understand that there is a small “off-hook” between the shell and its screen), this does not hinder its handling, as long as all its angles are rounded. The matt back of the camera is very classic, with no frills and no flashy elements like on an Honor 8X. It’s sober, discreet and perhaps insipid, some will judge. The dual rear photo sensor is also quite protruding, making it difficult to use the camera flat on a table, especially when reaching the lower part of the screen.


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All in all, Xiaomi did not make an inordinate effort in the design of its aircraft. A standard manufacturer’s policy, like the F1 Pocophone. It’s also regrettable that the manufacturer does not offer USB-C connectivity on this model, even though the low price of the device can easily explain this choice. As a result, you keep a 3.5mm jack plug for audio, which is still a good thing when you’re a wired headset enthusiast.

2 – Yes for the overall performance of the device

On the CPU side, we find a Snapdragon 636, the same CPU found on the Nokia 7.1, the Lenovo Z5… or even the very recent Moto G7 Plus, which we tested only a few days ago!

The version we received for our tests is equipped with 64 GB of space and 4 GB of RAM. Is it enough for standard smartphone use these days? The answer is, of course, positive. The device responds appropriately when it comes to launching multiple applications simultaneously, surfing the Web by opening half a dozen web pages streaming HD video, etc. The device is also very responsive when it comes to launching multiple applications simultaneously. As such, please note that the device is limited to 960 x 540 on Netflix, as is the case on all other models of the brand. The smartphone is well capable of up to 2280 x 1080, but it is impossible to view HD video on the famous streaming service due to the inability to handle Widevine L3 DRM.

If you’re a gamer, you shouldn’t encounter big frame losses in the most common titles in the Play Store either. Even partially or fully 3D games are displayed at full speed, and you really have to be a very demanding gamer to notice a few rare jerks in the FPS and Fortnite-like of the moment.

But it’s especially in terms of autonomy that the Redmi Note 6 Pro has pleasantly conquered us, the device being able to last a little less than two days in classic situations (Web, GPS, audio and video streaming, telephony…). We are a little below the performance of an F1 Pocophone, but the device is still in the upper middle range.

3 – Yes for photo

As the camera was sold at a relatively low price, one could expect a poor quality dual rear view sensor. And yet, here again, there is still something to be pleasantly surprised about. Daylight shots are perfectly good quality, with the colour level correctly calibrated and details well rendered.

As it was necessary to prepare for this, it is in low light that the Redmi Note 6 Pro shows some signs of weakness. The image is noisy (especially the sky) and the dark areas tend to turn completely black. But it is obvious that in this price range, you could not expect the same results as a OnePlus 6T or a Huawei Mate20.

4 – Bof for the environment

The operating system is Android version 8.1.0. No Android Pie on the horizon, we’ll have to make do with the old edition of the OS. Too bad Xiaomi didn’t think to update Google’s operating system.

The overlayer corresponds to version 10.2 of MIUI, which improves from update to update… But it is still a bit cumbersome to manage and does not really bring new essential features.

5 – A very big yes for the price

The device is available in different colours: Black, Blue, Pink Gold and Red. Note however that the latter does not seem to be available in France and that you will have to go through the import channel to get it. Xiaomi has become accustomed to offering high-performance smartphones at low prices, and the manufacturer is no exception to the rule. The 3Gb/32GB edition is officially sold for €199.90 on Xiaomi’s website, but can be found for €20 less on Amazon. The 4GB/64GB version is normally sold for €249.90, but here again, it can be easily found for a much lower price. The price is €196, still on Amazon, making it one of the best bargains of the moment. In short, if you don’t want to spend more than €200 on your phone, the Redmi Note 6 Pro is an option to seriously consider. A 6.26″ device equipped with a Snapdragon 636, 4GB of RAM and 64GB for less than €200 is a bargain, without any sycophancy towards Xiaomi.

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