Red (Sfr): More Data to Justify an Automatic Increase

Returning to a method that had not been popular in the past, RED has just activated a paid option by default for some of its subscribers. They must deactivate it in order not to pay 2 € more each month. However, this is not only done by the operator.


In 2017, SFR distinguished itself by rewarding certain RED subscribers with a boost of 50 or 100 GB per month – a substantial increase that inflated the monthly bill by €1 or €2. While the tariff seemed very fair in view of the volume of data, the automatic activation of a paid option had caused a serious grind among customers, especially as many of the subscribers concerned had reported difficulties in deactivating the option on the operator’s site. Overall, the manoeuvre was considered aggressive.

This week, RED decided to do it again, except that there’s no longer any question of 50 or 100 GB more. Some subscribers, in particular those with a 20, 30 or 40 GB data envelope, have been informed that their package has been inflated by an additional 10 GB (20 GB in some cases) for a price increase of €2. If they wish to keep their initial offer, they must go to the operator’s site and actively communicate their refusal to accept this modification (opt-out). It should be noted that this practice, although questionable, is perfectly legal as long as the subscriber is able to go back.

Naturally, as in 2017, this approach is far from unanimous. On Twitter, in particular, subscribers were quick to report their dissatisfaction, citing, among other things, borderline practices close to and thescam. Unsurprisingly, RED has a different point of view For SFR’s armed wing, it is a reward from which its loyal customersbenefit.

There is no doubt that this episode may contribute to the mixed reputation that the SFR/RED couple has built up in recent years It is important to stress, however, that such practices are not unique to Patrick Drahi’s troops. Following in the footsteps of its competitor, Bouygues Telecom has also just announced a new advantage to some of its Bbox subscribers: from next March, Unlimited Calls to mobiles will also be included in the offer… in exchange for a €3 increase on the bill. Again, you have to go to the operator’s site (until July) to register your refusal.

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