Red Sfr, B&you or Cdiscount Mobile: Which Cheap Mobile Package Without Commitment to Buy?

If you want to fill up on gigas without breaking the bank, you can take advantage of promotions on many mobile packages, but beware, not all are the same. The king of the promo, Red by SFR continues to display its 60 GB package at 12 euros per month Its first rival, B&You, still offers its 50GB subscription at 11.99 euros per month and offers the first month’s subscription. Finally, our last challenger, Cdiscount Mobile is betting on a limited series with 100 GB of data for 9.99 euros per month for 12 months and then 20 euros per month

Duration and end date of promotions

As usual, the offers of RED by SFR and B&You do not include any duration conditions. This means that after one year of subscription, you will still be charged 12 and 11.99 euros per month. On the other hand, the Cdiscount mobile promotion is not eternal. After 12 months, its price will go from 9.99 euros to 20 euros.

Also note the end date of our challengers’ promotions: on January 6th for RED by SFR January 7th for Cdiscount mobile and January 14th for B&You.

Advantage RED and B&You

Unlimited Voice/SMS/MMS

The advantages on the call side are the same at RED by SFR B&You and Cdiscount mobile with unlimited classic calls to landlines and mobiles in metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe/DOM to Metropolitan France/Europe/DOM. SMS and MMS are unlimited in metropolitan France (only) and from Europe/DOM on the SFR side, while at Cdiscount mobile and B&You, SMS/MMS are unlimited in France, to the DOM and from Europe/DOM.

Avantage Cdiscount Mobile and B&You

How many gigas in France?

B&You is the least generous with 50 GB of data granted for metropolitan France. Of course, it’s a very comfortable envelope, but on the competition’s side, it’s more interesting. At RED, we’re allowed 60 GB of data. Cdiscount mobile scores a point with a 100 GB envelope.

Avantage Cdiscount Mobile

How many gigas for abroad?

This time it’s the opposite, Cdiscount mobile is not the friend of travellers since its package for less than 10 euros the first year includes 5 GB for Europe and the French overseas departments Bouygues Telecom has 6 GB for these areas. RED is doubling the size of its promotional package, which offers 8 GB and these are additional gigabytes that will not be taken from the envelope reserved for metropolitan France.

Advantage RED


According to the latest 4G Monitor barometer, which displays the level of quality of service of the main mobile operators based on connection tests carried out by users, Orange retains its crown with 44.3 Mbs in reception and 11.8 Mbs in transmission, followed (by far) by Bouygues, SFR, while Free remains behind the three incumbent operators. In January, SFR (at 30.8 Mbs in download and 9.7 in upload) hung up the wagons and restuck to Bouygues, which was at 33.1 Mbs and 10.5 Mbs respectively. There’s not much in between. As a reminder, Cdiscount mobile allows you to choose your operator according to your coverage but natively, it is the SFR network that is proposed.

B&You Advantage

RED always in front

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping your phone number you will need to get your RIO by dialling 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of your number portability.

This week, we warmly recommend the 60 GB package from RED by SFR which ticks all the boxes with its beautiful 60 GB envelope for metropolitan France, its additional gigas for Europe and the DOM and its price which does not move after a year. If you are ready to change your plan after one year and need more gigas, the Cdiscount mobile offer is also a good option.

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