Red Dead Online is Struggling to Make Recipes!

With the magnificent revenues generated by GTA Online, Take-Two Interactive thought that Red Dead Redemption 2 in online multiplayer mode would follow suit…. I guess it’s not!

RDR2 Online struggling to generate revenue

Indeed, the online mode of the second opus of Red Dead Redemption struggles to generate revenue. According to the report by SuperData, a company specialising in the study of video game usage data and more generally in the video game industry Red Dead Redemption 2 failed to follow in the footsteps of GTA Online . In this report, which focuses on the money generated worldwide in January, online multiplayer revenues were down 14% compared to December 2018. In addition, the report also points out that Red Dead Online generates five times less revenue than GTA Online .

The company explains that the decrease in revenues recorded in January can be explained by the decrease in the number of monthly active players.

A declining trend in the dematerialized gaming environment

Take-Two Interactive’s hopes of seeing RDR 2 Online as a new source of income have not been fulfilled. The online mode of the Western game comes to eat just a few crumbs from the recipes of GTA Online. Indeed, as the report indicates, if we combine the sales of dematerialized content in GTA Online and Red Dead Online it corresponds to those generated by the first one alone in January 2018!

Note that for the moment, Red Dead Online is only offered in beta phase and eventuallywhen the service will be officially launched, the trend will be reversed.

Generally speaking, the situation is not catastrophic, as the figures for expenditure on dematerialised content have fallen sharply since January 2018. Last January, expenditure on consoles, PCs and mobiles fell by 6% over the year(-29% on PCs and -3% on consoles). Only Fortnite managed to improve its performance between January 2018 and January 2019.

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