Red by Sfr: What You Need to Know About the Fiber (or Adsl) Box 16 or 23 Euros / Month

MaJ du 28/01/2020 – Red by SFR has the habit of breaking prices on mobile but also on fixed-line. Its internet offer available in fibre and ADSL is regularly updated. Back to the details and other subtleties of this special series at a low price.

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  • Tuesday January 28th, 2020 at 10:15am

Guide updated January 28, 2020 – Red by SFR has increased the price of its fiber and ADSL packages by 1 euro, but offers free of charge in exchange the options Débit Plus, Unlimited Calls to mobiles and one month free. Always a good plan?

Altice’s no-commitment operator is not only making a name for itself with its low-cost mobile package RED by SFR also intends to be very aggressive on the fixed-line market with its Internet box offers, whether in ADSL or Fibre. Initially offered at €16 for ADSL and €23 for fibre, the operator’s star offer regularly benefits from options such as revalued bandwidths or unlimited calls or even a free month’s subscription. We were interested in this box and this offer that sometimes goes into extra time.

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1. Large flows, ideally free of charge

RED by SFR’s €23/month Internet Box fiber package is particularly attractive when the operator includes two free options that are generally billed at €5/month each: unlimited calls to mobiles and the Debit Plus option. And when these are integrated at no extra cost, the offer clearly gains in attractiveness with proposed speeds of up to 1 Gb/s in reception and 400 Mb/s in transmission compared to the usual 300 Mb/s in reception and 300 Mb/s in transmission.

Remember that, as usual with ISPs, these are theoretical flows. It should be noted that according to the latest nPerf barometer, SFR offers very solid speeds in practice (404.39 Mb/s for downloads on average) and is ahead of Orange or Bouygues, but behind Free (which does not segment its speed offers unlike its competitors who offer either 400 Mb/s or 1 Gb/s).

2. Unconditional promotions

RED/SFR promotions are marked as having no time limit, understand that the discounted rates or options offered will not stop after one year as is often the case with other operators but will last until the contract is terminated. Finally, it should be remembered that this is a no-commitment offer, giving subscribers more flexibility to switch from one offer to another.

3. A recent box, with 4K and Wi-fi MIMO

The equipment RED by SFR is of the latest generation with the guarantee of having the most recent standards on the market. The Fibre RED box with the Flow Plus option offers a theoretical maximum speed of 1 Gb/s and the modem integrates Wi-Fi ac 5GHz MIMO 3×3, 4 Ethernet ports and 2 master USB ports to take control of a printer, a Hard Disk for example. The HD TV set-top box comes with an omnidirectional remote control with integrated AZERTY keyboard and manages 4K / Ultra HD video streams. To store these contents, however, the operator is a bit stingy with a 40 GB hard disk (fortunately stackable up to 500).  

4. TV options and unlimited calls

Note that to take advantage of the TV by Numericable option and its 27 TV channels, Replay, VoD and the possibility to stream TV to the tablet or smartphone via the SFR TV app, you will need to add €2/month (still without obligation). Calls to landlines in France and to 100 destinations worldwide is unlimited. Unlimited calls to mobiles are not included in the offer. To take advantage of it, you will have to pay 5 euros per month

5. termination charges and installation of fibre

Please note that if the offer is non-binding, as always there will be a cancellation fee, in this case the cancellation fee is 49€. However, SFR/RED offers to cover the cancellation fees of your former operator with a refund of up to €100. Connection and installation of the fiber in your home as well as technical assistance are also offered.

6. Do we have to go now?

While the Internet fibre Box offer takes one euro, at 23 euros/month compared to 22 last year, it is enriched by the addition of free options, revalued speeds with the promise of 1Gb/s, unlimited calls to mobile, the first month offered. Options invoiced at 10 euros more generally bringing the offer to 33 euros. This non-committal offer therefore remains the most competitive in the fibre market today, at least as long as these options remain available. It should also be remembered that the solidity of SFR’s box, which features the latest technology, in particular WiFi 5GHz MIMO 3×3 for very high real bandwidths (when the Débit Plus option is offered), the installation support (connection/reimbursement of termination fees) and, of course, the price, which is very attractive for fiber (coaxial or FTTH). Currently, the ADR Internet offering is a good plan.

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