Recruitment Preparation – What Should I Do?

The recruitment process may seem straightforward if you look at it from a distance, when in fact as you go deeper into the details, you’ll realise there a lot of different potholes you can run into without the necessary preparation. If there is a vacancy needing to be filled by only one person, you can manage to select a candidate for the job by posting an advertisement and choosing one from the total number of applicants you interview. This leads to the misconception that recruitment can be done easily and it doesn’t require a lot of planning, but hiring new people into an organisation can come with a lot of risks. Reading through the following ideas can help you in discerning what you can implement in your recruitment process to avoid such risks and also in narrowing down the different steps you can take while preparing to recruit.

Vacancy Identification

This step comes before any other step and long before you get to the actual hiring phase. In fact, a lot of companies start their hiring preparation process as long as a whole year before the hiring is meant to take place. Identification of the different needs associated with the particular vacancies expected lands at the foremost priority. You will need to identify:

        What the vacancy is for – Is it for the finance department or maybe you need some extra help in Digital Marketing It is pertinent to have a thorough look at the flow of work, in order to be able to correctly identify which gaps need to be filled to improve the overall efficiency of the work. Failure to do so can result in unnecessarily wasted resources on having to conduct the recruitment process all over again.

        How many vacancies are there – You will have to determine the scope of the work you wish to hire an employee for, calculating the amount of workload and the work hours will you give you a good idea about how many people are needed to fill that vacancy. It is possible that the job that is required to be fulfilled could be done by 2 full-time employees or 3 part-time employees, if broken down.

Job Description and Person Specification

Both the job description and person specification are used by employers to specify what kind of employees they are looking for and what knowledge and skills they would be expected to execute according to the relevant work they are given. The job description is linked to describing the aspects of the role the potential employee would be filling at the organisation and the person specification is linked towards the personality of the candidate themselves i.e. their qualities and characteristics.

Figuring out where the vacancy is needed can give the direction needed to figure out what you need to put out as the job description. A clear, to-the-point job description can land you with a more appropriate pool of candidates to choose from. The closer you are to the specific functions involved in the job, the closer you will be to having the ideal candidate that you are looking for. The same goes for person specification, if you have specific qualities in mind for the employee, such as their educational background, a minimum grade requirement, or a particular skill set, it is advisable to mention that, in order to narrow down your search.

Recruitment Resources

Confused about where to recruit from? There are several options of hiring methods you can choose from.

Campus recruitment

Something you can count on to be on a timely basis is campus recruitment, as there is a specified time when graduates are meant to pass-out of their universities. Many organisations conduct campus recruitment drives close to this period, in order to vet freshly graduated individuals for joining their workforce.

Online advertisements

In this Digital Age it can be highly beneficial to post advertisements on different Social Media platforms which even have dedicated groups and pages for the purpose of finding employment. You also have the option of advertising in newspapers to cover more ground.


Employee referrals can come from any person you trust, it could be a current employee, a former boss or a former university professor.

Important Considerations

The personnel you employ are a direct link to the profitability of your company, as the quality of their skills will determine the work they are able to do, ultimately leading to the prosperity of the company. That it is why it is considered imperative to go through a formal and extensive laid-out plan for any organisation that is planning on increasing its workforce. 

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