Recommend Mail and Compensation?

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After much reflection, the msquare wrote:

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I don’t think it’s forbidden in France. What is

strictly forbidden is:


(Regulatory Part – Decrees in Council of State)

Article R3

Shall be punished by the fine provided for in 5º


1º The insertion of French or foreign banknotes or

of other bearer securities in ordinary mail or simply

registered mail .

The penalty shall not be incurred when the insertion of such notes and

values in registered letters does not exceed the maximum amount

of the indemnity granted, in the event of loss, based on the rate of

guarantee chosen by the sender at the time of dispatch.

2º The insertion of gold or silver materials, jewellery or other

precious objects in ordinary or simply registered mail.

The penalty will not be incurred when the insertion of such

materials, jewellery or objects in registered packages does not exceed

a value equal to the maximum amount of compensation granted, in case of

loss, according to the guarantee rate chosen by the sender at

time of shipment.

3º The insertion of French or foreign coins having

legal tender in any consignment other than a letter or box with a declared


Which still leaves room to do so while respecting the

constraints indicated/

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