Realtek Hd Audio Problem


Bsr to all,

I wanted to know if you can help me with my problem with my

sound card built into the motherboard:

– Realtek High Definition Audion ALC888 on an HP computer (NVIDIA

6100 n410 motherboard)

I downloaded the Realtek 1.84 driver released last week, but

– no

sound – The Sound property tells me a Realtek HDMI output while I’m in

digital coaxial

– The Realtek configuration button does not appear in the

configuration panel while RTSndMgr.cpl was well installed, besides

impossible to launch this one manually nothing happens

– No Realtek icon either on the notification zone whereas the

process RtHDVcpl.exe is well launched and authorized by Windows Defender

For your information, I’m on Vista Ultimate SP1 668.

Thank you in advance,

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