Read the Battlefield 1 Update 1.18 Patch Notes

The Battlefield 1 Turning Tides – North Sea replace is now obtainable to obtain. It brings with it a ton of modifications to gameplay, two new maps, a brand new car, and rather more.

Take a look at the Battlefield 1 replace 1.18 patch notes under:


That is Battlefield 1’s quintessential naval map. With its immense scale and concentrate on vehicular fight, it’s excellent for Conquest Assault, the solely recreation mode out there on this map.

That is the first naval battle of the Nice Conflict, the place the British Royal Marines commenced a shock assault towards the German navy. Attackers velocity to the purple cliffs and rocky shores to realize floor, the place infantry can use giant rocks and dunes as cowl from battleship shelling. Management Bunker Seashore and also you’ll have entry to a battery cannon to defend towards the onslaught. Take cowl behind the rocky wave breaker wall to securely interact the enemy past the sinking cruiser, as they take a foothold on the close by Düne island. Lastly, assert your dominance in the first ever Battlefield 1 Dreadnought vs. Dreadnought battle.


Beneath the veil of night time, British troops reinforce the treacherous raid on the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge. Be a part of the concentrated battle as the British Royal Marines wrestle to own the German managed, concrete mole. Advance previous the war-torn breach towards the closely guarded submarine pen. Make the most of the dock openings to realize entry and overcome the enemy. Torpedo boats, planes, L-Class Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, and the menacing C-Class Airship battle for management round the port. Be aware, as infantry troopers battle again with the anti-aircraft weapons positioned alongside the coastal wall and battery cannons which are lining the close by seashore at the base of the mole.


The all-new C-Class Airship is provided with four seats and a couple of package deal loadouts. Pilots can ship an immense payload of artillery and bombs, as they navigate the skies. Entrance gunners are outfitted with a 76mm cannon, whereas rear gunners present help with a 20mm Autocannon. Prime gunners supply anti-aircraft safety with a mounted AA gun on the prime of the vessel. Like tanks and the new L-Class Destroyer, pilots can self-repair the C-Class Airship to take care of dominance in the sky.


Don the attribute blue uniforms of the British Empire’s elite naval troops, the admirable Royal Marines.


With the addition of latest weapons from every enlargement pack and the rising group of expert gamers, we discovered it essential to rebalance the weapons to extend the pacing of fight and stability the loadout choices amongst and between the numerous courses in Battlefield 1.

These modifications are far-reaching, throughout the breadth of Battlefield 1 weapons, which can be troublesome to really feel when making an attempt them out for the first time.  There are a variety of modifications, which will not be noticeable instantly and should solely turn out to be extra obvious with time.  Gamers ought to discover a quicker time-to-kill (TTK), be extra succesful in out-numbered situations, and discover higher distinction between totally different weapons and weapon varieties.

The next summaries element how these modifications will alter the encounters at the preferrred engagement ranges:

Assault vs Medic

  • Medic stays superior at any distance outdoors of very shut vary
  • The general lower in TTK at shut vary for Assault weapons ought to guarantee their superiority at very best engagement vary


  • The most important distinction right here is that Help weapons will probably be slower to get on the right track at shut vary, pushing the engagement barely extra in favor of the Assault than it already was
  • At longer distances the Help LMGs stay far superior to the Assault SMGs and shotguns


  • These encounters stay principally unchanged
  • These courses are reverse extremes; the winner of the engagement will often come right down to vary

Medic vs Help

  • The primary change right here is in how the Medic approaches an LMG. Beforehand the SLRs have been like LMGs when it comes to uncooked TTK, which means it was typically attainable to outshoot one face to face. With the modifications that is extra harmful, as the LMG can be extra more likely to kill the Medic earlier than he can attain cowl to heal
  • LMG accuracy at shut vary is weaker than earlier than nevertheless, plus Medic rifles have improved vary, leaving the medic with a number of choices of strategy – take potshots at the Help from longer distances, or assault from sudden angles to take advantage of the LMG weak spot when not already in ADS or on a bipod


  • Medics are barely extra correct at longer distances and are subsequently an elevated menace to Scouts than beforehand
  • In any other case these encounters stay unchanged

Help vs Scout

  • Help is barely extra harmful at lengthy vary than earlier than. There’s subsequently elevated strain on the Scout to attain a one hit kill from an sudden location earlier than the Help can return hearth
  • In any other case these encounters stay unchanged

As regards to weapon household particular modifications, you will notice an general discount in the variety of bullets required to kill a goal at a weapons superb engagement vary, together with some common enhancements to their dealing with:


  • Shotguns stay the strongest close-range weapon with usually very poor ranged efficiency (apart from the “Slug” variants)
  • They’ve suffered from inconsistency as a result of how shotgun pellets work, which we’ve improved by decreasing how a lot randomness performs an element in the shotgun dispersion.  All shotguns now hearth 12 pellets.  The dispersion is now damaged down into 12 sectors, 6 in an inside circle and 6 in an outer ring.  Every sector will include 1 pellet.  This ensures that each one 12 pellets are extra evenly unfold over the dispersion cone, and prevents all the pellets from bunching up in a single space, which might trigger fortunate one hit kills at longer distances, or inversely end in an entire miss.

Sub Machine Weapons – SMGs

  • SMGs stay very robust close-range weapons, second solely to Shotguns
  • Excessive bullet injury drop-off and enormous unfold make them ineffective at longer distances than all different weapons, with the exception of Shotguns
  • The variance in uncooked TTK of the SMGs has been decreased, decreasing the advantage of that benefit on particular SMGs (akin to the Hellriegel and Automatico) and growing the choices out there to Assault gamers

Mild Machine Weapons – LMGs

  • LMGs supply the most firepower, however at the value of dealing with and mobility
  • The strongest weapon at medium vary when prepared for a battle
  • If caught off guard nevertheless their poor hip-fire and excessive unfold mechanics put them at an obstacle

Self-Loading Rifles – SLRs

  • Probably the most versatile weapon
  • Barely weaker when it comes to TTK than most different weapons however with benefits over all others in some space
    • A lot better ranged efficiency than SMGs and shotguns
    • Higher dealing with and may get on the right track precisely quicker than LMGs
    • Simpler at nearer ranges than bolt actions

Bolt Actions

  • Bolt actions supply one hit kills at longer ranges
  • They’ve very low hearth charges nevertheless which makes them very weak up shut
  • These are the least modified weapon sort



  • Car injury carried out by Okay Bullets fired from the Martini-Henry sniper rifle at the moment are correctly tracked for the Overwatch Service Task.
  • Decreased the necessities of the Ribbon of Justice from 5 kills in a spherical to 2.


  • The participant outlines now adjust to the colorblind settings.
  • Added customized colorblind colour settings in the video choices.
  • Gamers can customise the measurement and opacity of world icons in the gameplay choices.
  • Hit indicators could be custom-made with totally different colours for important hit kills.
  • Detailed mini-map/full map customization is now in the gameplay choices.
  • Car spawn logic has been modified to permit gamers to pick the spawn level even when a car is just not obtainable, which can permit gamers the alternative to customise automobiles at the deploy display extra typically.


Quite a few weapon stability tweaks. Right here’s a brief record of some noteworthy modifications amongst many extra:

  • Barely tweaked the injury fashions for a number of Medic rifles:
    • Farquhar-Hill injury drop off began at 34 however now’s 46.33 meters.
    • Farquhar-Hill injury drop off ended at 52 however now’s 59 meters.
    • M1907 SL injury drop off ended at 55.6 however now’s 60 meters.
    • Autoloading eight.25 injury drop off began at 19.5 however now’s 16 meters.
    • Autoloading eight.25 injury drop off ended at 40 however now’s 45 meters.
    • RSC 1917 vertical recoil has been adjusted from 1.eight to 1.5 levels.
    • RSC 1917 horizontal recoil has been adjusted from 2.2 to 1.eight levels.
    • RSC 1917 price of fireside has been adjusted from 163 to 179.9 bullets per minute.
    • Elevated the Three-hit kill vary of the Cei-Rigotti by 10 meters.

Continued to tune automated weapons:

  • Adjusted the unfold for LMGs.
  • LMGs now have slower zoom-in speeds to additional differentiate them from SMGs
  • LMGs and SMGs now have barely elevated vertical recoil.
  • The vertical recoil bonus on the Storm variants for SMGs and LMGs have been decreased barely.
  • The SMG 08/18 Optical’s first shot unfold multiplier has been lowered.
  • LMG bipods will now take away unfold improve whereas firing completely when mounted with a decrease discount in horizontal recoil.
    • General this alteration makes heavy MGs with excessive first shot unfold multipliers profit barely extra from the bipod, whereas excessive hearth price LMGs with excessive horizontal recoil will obtain much less profit.
  • Elevated the 2-hit kill vary of the Russian 1895 Trench from 47 to 70 meters.
  • Elevated one hit kill headshot vary of the Russian 1895 Trench from 41 to 64 meters.
  • Cavalry Russian 1895 2-hit kill vary has elevated to 90 meters.
  • Cavalry Russian 1895 one hit kill headshot vary elevated to 84 meters.
    • Fastened a problem the place the Infiltrator Elite flare would brighten the complete degree for the opposing staff.
    • The Okay Bullet system, and the injury dealt, was refined for the M91 and Carcano.
    • Fastened a problem the place sometimes empty shells wouldn’t eject from the Carcano.
    • Fastened an incorrect recoil lower for the Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16.
    • Fastened a decrease than meant recoil lower on the Arisaka.
    • Fastened an incorrect recoil lower for the M1917 Trench Carbine.
    • Fastened the accuracy of the M1917 Trench Carbine when crouching, shifting, and capturing from the hip.
    • Reload timers have been fastened for the M1917 LMG by eradicating the synthetic delay on the brief reload.
    • Fastened a problem with the AA sights on the M1917 MG the place the rear sight wasn’t correctly hooked up to the feed tray cowl.
    • Improved alignment of the iron sights of the FA Automated.
    • Fastened a problem inflicting shotgun injury and audio to be unfold throughout a number of frames.
    • Lowered the inside blast radius of the Martini- Henry grenade launcher, on the Infiltrator Elite Class, from 2 to 1 meter.
    • Fastened a bug the place the Martini-Henry grenade launcher didn’t use its arm time, leading to greater than meant injury.
    • Lowered the ammunition rely of the Martini-Henry grenade launcher from 21 to 11.
    • Lowered the reload threshold for the Martini-Henry grenade launcher.
    • Fastened a bug that allowed the Bristol Assault aircraft and Ilya Muromets Heavy Bomber to make the most of weapons from a number of packages.
    • Elevated the mine removing radius for the A7V Heavy Tank.
    • Significantly improved the reliability of the AA weapons when firing towards bombers from sure angles.
    • AT Rocket Gun, and comparable weapons, can now be fired from the passenger seat of automobiles.
    • Infantry positioned mines (AT and Tripwire) have been adjusted so gamers can not stack them shut collectively.  To compensate for this, the energy of every mine has elevated:
    • AT Mine injury has elevated by 50%.
    • AT Mine radius has been adjusted to 2 meters.
    • Tripwire Mine – HE offers twice as a lot injury to sprinting gamers.
    • Tripwire Mine – Fuel has a small 15 injury explosion when tripped – dealing injury to participant who might already be sporting a fuel masks.  This injury is doubled for sprinting gamers.


      • Eliminated all Elite Courses from Conflict Pigeons mode.
      • Fastened a problem the place a number of weapons have been inflicting undesirable dips in ambient SFX quantity in sure elements of Cape Helles.
      • Elevated visibility of boat wakes.
      • Fastened a problem that might permit Defenders to spawn airplanes in the third sector of Cape Helles, in Operation Gallipoli.
      • The Ottomans now use the Gotha Bomber on Cape Helles
      • Fastened a problem the place the medic main weapons weren’t obtainable in the Customized Recreation: Armored Kill.
      • Adjusted the fight zones in Cape Helles on each Operations and Rush recreation modes, permitting extra pathing and fewer locations to camp.
      • Moved the Ottoman aircraft and torpedo boat spawns in Cape Helles.
      • Adjusted the British boat spawns in Cape Helles.
      • Moved the Defenders spawns in the first sector of Rush on Cape Helles.
      • Adjusted some problematic spawns in Conquest on Achi Baba, to keep away from spawning in excessive visitors areas.
      • Fastened squad spawning on the last goal of Rush on Lupkow Cross.


      • Fastened some bugs associated to gamers being disconnected whereas connecting to a recreation server.


      • Added an RSP choice that permits removing of the delay that spectators expertise in order that issues are witnessed as near actual time as potential.
      • Added a toggle to show off/on the pre-round minimal of 6 gamers.
      • Elevated the ban listing measurement to 200 (from 100).
      • Elevated the VIP record measurement to 50 (from 20).
      • Elevated the admin record measurement to 50 (from 20).


      • Fastened a problem that allowed the participant to make use of some Pistol Carbines whereas swimming.
      • Improved inconsistent slowdown on steep hills. It now happens on motion course, as an alternative of the course you’re dealing with.
      • Slowdown will happen when climbing diagonally, in addition to immediately up/down a hill.
      • Corrected slowdown when climbing up hills backwards.


    • The sport will not expose interlaced video modes in the PC video choices. When you have beforehand skilled blurry output on PC on account of the recreation operating in a full display interlaced mode, please re-select a mode in video choices to replace your profile settings to make use of a progressive show mode.
    • Fastened a bug the place sure VFX would set off when colliding with invisible geometry.
    • Fastened a problem with VOIP quantity choice not behaving as meant.
    • Fastened a bug the place spectators can be kicked from the recreation if the final participant left.
    • Eliminated a few of the feminine Russian Scout recognizing strains that talked about German troopers and automobiles.
    • Fastened a problem the place Russian self-voice says “tank” when recognizing a Scout soldier.
    • Fastened a problem the place gamers sometimes encountered a loading loop the first time they tried to launch a Single Participant degree after enjoying by way of the Prologue.

Battlefield 1 replace 1.18 is out there now.

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