Ravindra Jadeja shares a sword-wrapping video, Vaughan comes up with a frantic answer-WATCH-Cricket.

Ravindra Jadejah is a major world leader and played a key role in India’s recent success. Hadei also has a unique way to celebrate after reaching a baseball milestone. Jadeia holds a sword and bat party, which has become quite famous among the masses. Australian drummer David Warner also posted a video of last year’s celebration where he was seen in a fight at the event.

laugh laugh laugh laugh #rajputboy pic.twitter.com/kKyKQ9vSWK

– Ravindrazine jadeja (@imjadeja) 12. April 2020.

Jadeya has now released a video on which he imitates his holiday, but this time not with a bat. He’s got a real sword on a videotape of his house. He posted the video on Twitter.

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The video was played by former British captain Michael Vaughan The former drummer wrote in response to the Iadei video Your lawn needs a haircut, a rock star. In exchange. Jadei wrote: Yeah, but I don’t know how to cut it.

Last week Warner showed a video of his IPL street of last season, where he swings a bat like a warrior during the shooting of a commercial. He bursts out laughing as soon as the director tells him to cut his hair. Such a club outburst is a typical holiday style for all-round Indians.

Warner asked his fans to tell him if he was close to Jadei or not.

Warner’s contribution is like: Throw out the ad we did for Sunrissershid last year. They think I covered the piano with a sword, Warner wrote in his article.

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Jadei also responded to Warner’s video on Instagram. Not only Jadega, but also Indian captain Virat Kohli and drummer Vridhiman Sakha reacted with sword and bat to Warner’s celebration.

As Kohli and Sakha reacted with smiling faces, Judecha said: We’re almost there, David.

Everyone in the sport has quit because of the new coronavirus, many players publish news about their self-isolated activities to keep their fans informed. Under normal circumstances, cricketers would have prepared for the Indian Premier League but KOVID-19 has abandoned all these plans.

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