Ravens fan will continue to get tattoos until team wins Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens fan Gabe L. says he will not stop getting tattoos until his team wins the Super Bowl – a feat which has seemed like an impossibility for some time now. His tattoo collection already boasts over 100 pieces, including “Ozzie Newsome” on his right arm and a photo of Ray Lewis on his left arm that is still healing after being inked nearly two years ago

The “ravens ring of honor 2021” is a tattoo that will be given to the Ravens fan who continues to get tattoos until the team wins the Super Bowl The tattoo will only be available for one year.

The 2021 season was a letdown for many Baltimore Ravens fans.

Nic Cullison’s last-place finish with the Ravens will live on in his memories — and on his right leg.

Throughout the year of 2021, Cullison got a tattoo to remember every Ravens win. When the Ravens’ promising season was cut short due to injuries, its fans aired their frustrations and looked forward to 2022. Cullison, on the other hand, was left with ink on his right thigh as a result of the Ravens’ worst season in six years, an 8-9 record.

Cullison is regularly asked this question: “Do you regret it?”

“Cullison said, “Honestly, no.” “Yes, this is a season that we don’t want to remember. If you break it down, it was one of the most amazing first half of a season (the Ravens won six of their next seven games after losing their opener). This is a season I’ll never forget.”

Cullison, a native of Joppatowne, Maryland, is now serving in the Navy and lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Naomi, and their 3-year-old daughter, Raelyn. He proposed to Naomi in the dugout at Camden Yards five years ago, and the two received matching tattoos.


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“Cullison said, “I’m a man of my word.” “I said that I would not stop until a Lombardi was found. We’ve made up our minds.”

Cullison’s devotion is unquestionable, particularly following Baltimore’s Week 4 game in Denver. Naomi was travelling to Seattle to see her twin sister before the game, so she wouldn’t be able to maintain the tradition of getting the tattoo soon after a victory.

So, before departing, Naomi gave her husband the Denver tattoo, despite not knowing whether or not the Ravens would win. They snapped a photo of Cullison’s favorite tattoo, as well as a mobile phone with the date, to prove it was applied to his thigh five days before kickoff.

“It’s nerve-wracking to watch a game with a victory tattoo on your thigh,” Cullison remarked. “It was a terrible experience. I had to go to work immediately thereafter, and I felt hot and bothered. Please, please, please win!”

The Ravens outscored the Broncos 23-7 in the fourth quarter to win the game. Naomi, who was in an area where the game wasn’t being shown on TV, was nevertheless nervous despite the margin of victory. She kept up with the game while doing errands with her sister, watching the play-by-play on her phone and texting Nic.

Nic and Naomi Cullison are a husband and wife team.

“”And then we won,” Naomi said. “”All right, now I can take a deep breath.”

Nic and Naomi traveled down to Baltimore a few months later to witness the Ravens beat the Browns 16-10 on Nov. 28. At the time, Baltimore was 8-3 and leading the AFC East.

Cullison speculated that he may be covering a Super Bowl season. The Ravens, on the other hand, would not win another game. Baltimore finished bottom for the first time in coach John Harbaugh’s 14 seasons after losing its final six games.

“”Clearly, he was dissatisfied,” Naomi said. “Nic is a guy who has few regrets. This whole trip was simply a fantastic memory for both him and myself.”

Naomi wants to pursue a career in medical tattooing, which would include permanent makeup. Is she certain that Nic will go ahead and get tattoos next season?

Naomi, who is expecting their second child in June, answered, “Absolutely.” “And since I’ve been practicing, I’m going to be a lot better.”

The “ravens news ” is a story about how the Baltimore Ravens fan will continue to get tattoos until the team wins their first Super Bowl

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