Ransomware Group Claims NVIDIA Hacked It in Retaliation for Cyber Attack

Ransomware group claims that NVIDIA hacked it in retaliation for a recent cyber attack. It is unknown if this was really the case, as these types of claim are often made and then backtracked on later. Nonetheless, many gamers have been caught up in their own personal drama with media attention circling around the issue

The “cyber security news ” is a story about a ransomware group that claims it was hacked by NVIDIA in retaliation for the cyber attack. The article also includes information about how to prevent your computer from being attacked.

Ransomware-Group-Claims-NVIDIA-Hacked-It-in-Retaliation-for-CyberNVIDIA image

NVIDIA’s servers have been compromised, according to a ransomware gang called Lapsus$, in retribution for a previous cyber assault on the chipmaker. NVIDIA’s internal systems have been “totally hacked,” according to a study released on February 25. It was thought at the time that the incident was the consequence of Russian cyber warfare. Now, it looks that a well-known ransomware outfit, from somewhere in South America is claiming responsibility for the assault, and it has been a victim as well.

Members of Lapsus$ claim they awakened after the NVIDIA assault to discover their computers had been encrypted.

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Despite the fact that its own systems were encrypted, the organization claims it had previously backed up the data and that the assault was for nought. Some of the information had already been made public prior to the assault, but the organization has claimed that it is unsure how the remainder will be made public.

“We’re not sure how we’ll get the information out yet.” We believe it will be released in five separate versions, since it is rather massive (almost 1TB).”

[ALERT] NVIDIA workers’ credentials were exposed by the LAPSUS ransomware group. It also claimed that 1TB of stolen data will be released shortly. pic.twitter.com/0WVb7G88So

February 26, 2022 — DarkTracer: DarkWeb Criminal Intelligence (@darktracer int)

Employee passwords and hashes have been discovered, leading to concern that NVIDIA may have included a countermeasure in the stolen data.

1 pound of Canaries Well, I’m not sure I believe it. Several screenshots of source code begin to appear. twitter.com/J4GP78BAtd

February 26, 2022 — Soufiane Tahiri (@S0ufi4n3)

The organization then went on to describe how it received the stolen information. It turns out that such methods may have been the way that led to the compromising of its systems. According to CNN, mobile device management software was allegedly employed in both assaults.

According to pictures uploaded on Twitter by Lapsus$, accessing the VPN of Nvidia workers needs a PC to be registered in mobile device management (MDM). According to the ransomware operator, Nvidia was able to connect to a virtual machine used by Lapsus$ as a result of this. Michael Novinson (Michael Novinson) (CNN)

NVIDIA has not admitted responsibility for the assault on Lapsus$, and it is unclear if it plans to compensate the organisation.

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