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We here at verifiedtasks are committed to helping players who are just beginning their journey through “RAID: Shadow Legends” get their feet wet. After all, new players need as much help as they can get. So, we’ve decided to create this guide to the best packs to buy, with information on how many packs and hero upgrades you’ll need to get started.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play mobile game that is developed by Netmarble, the same development studio that made the Rage of Bahamut and Dungeon & Fighter series. It is a very simple game with a long-running story to get lost in. It is played from a top-down perspective, and relies on mana points to power up characters. There are many different ways to play the game, and some of them require you to purchase DLC.

Shadow Legends includes several packs that players can purchase to obtain various in-game items, including shards, EXP buffs, and gems. If you are at the stage where you want to buy a package, you are probably wondering what is the best package. The best package you can buy on RAID: The legends of shadows, in terms of value for money, are the daily gemstone packs. If you haven’t spent any money on the game yet, the best package might be one of the pop-up packages, depending on which package you choose – more on that later. Table of contents

What is the best package to buy?

There are many packages available for purchase on RAID: Shadow Legends but they don’t all offer the same value for the cost of their purchase. If you are like most people, you want the most for your money. So you need to look for the packages that offer the most value. In short, the package in the RAID: The shadow legends that anyone can buy and that offer the most value are the daily gem packs, which can be found in the Daily and Progress tab of the store. The daily gem package gives 2,140 gems for 30 days: 250 on the first day, 50 per day from day 2 to day 14, 200 on day 15, 60 per day from day 16 to day 29 and 200 gems on day 30. No other set available to all players offers such good value for money as this one. If you haven’t already spent the money on a RAID: Shadow legends, but you can find a pack that offers more value than the daily gem pack. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ve probably noticed the many packs that appear on the main selection screen in town. Some of these pop-up packs will not be available in-store after the store closes, but only on-site. Which special packs you get depends on a number of factors, including your level in the game and the money you’ve spent previously. To encourage players who haven’t bought anything yet to do so, the game sometimes offers high-value packages in a pop-up window. When considering the best items to buy, packages with lots of gems are always a safe bet. Outside of gems, finding a high value package with lots of chickens, shards or energy depends on your current situation and your needs in the game. Often players have more use for items that seem less interesting, like EXP boosts and energy, than shards. If you decide to wait to receive a valuable pop-up package before making your first purchase, be sure to read the following section on evaluating in-game packages. This information is also useful if you have already purchased packages in the game and plan to purchase them in the future.

To evaluate RAID packets: Legends of the Shadows

Before you spend money on a RAID package: Shadow legends, it’s a good idea to set a price so you know how much you’re getting for its value. In the game, packs are generally valued in gem equivalents. In other words, how many gems a particular package is worth in relation to its value. Some packs are easy to upgrade to gems because their contents are only gems or gems and items that can be purchased directly in gems. For example, the daily gem package, which offers a lot of value considering the price, gives a value of ~214 gems per dollar (2,140 gems/$9.99). Other objects in the game can be valued in gems according to their value in the shop. Based on the stock of the silver stack always available in the Bank tab of the store, we can calculate that 3,000 silver coins are equal to one gem (4,200,000 silver coins/1,400 gems). Assuming the large shard package in the gem shop, which can also be purchased at any time, we can calculate that one old shard corresponds to ~75 gems ((900 gems-73.33 gems)/11 old shards). From the price of 900 gems, 73.33 gems are subtracted because the package contains 220,000 silver, which is worth about 73.33 gems (220,000 silver/3,000). Using these numbers, we can calculate the cost of gems for a hypothetical package consisting of 500 gems, 5 antique shards, and 500,000 silver, yielding ~1042 gems. (500+5*75+500,000/3,000) If this hypothetical package cost $5, its value would be ~208 gems per dollar. Not all items in the game, including Holy Shards and Void Shards can be purchased directly for gems, making it difficult to find a gem equivalent for these items. However, you can use strategies such as. B. to see what the odds are of a Holy shard against an Old shard. If you find the Holy shard worth ten times more than the Old shard, then the value of the Holy shard is 750 gems. We will not quote the price of gemstones for items that cannot be purchased directly for gemstones, as their value depends on the value you assign to them. For example, Holy Shards gives 12 times more chance of Legendary than Ancient Shards but also guarantees Epic, while Ancient Shards does not. Additionally, a sacred shard is 24 times more likely to yield a legendary item during a summoning event than an ancient shard. However, a sacred shard only gives one champion, however rare, whereas 12 or 24 ancient shards give 12 or 24, so it is difficult to say directly what the higher value of a sacred shard is. Therefore, in the following list, we only calculate the cost of gems for items that can be bought directly with gems at any time in the game.

  • Silver = 1 gem for 3,000 silver (0.000333 gem for 1 silver)
  • Antique shards = ~75 gems for 1 antique shard.
  • XP-Boost = ~93 gems for 1 day 100% XP-Boost
  • Clan Chief Key = 100 gems for 1 Clan Chief Key
  • Full energy = 40 gems for 1 full energy
  • Classic arena refill = 40 gems per 1 classic arena refill

Potions cannot be valued directly in gems, as the potion pack contains different types of potions. The price of the books can be determined in your currency by dividing the price of the book package by the number of books produced. These book packages can be found in the Bank tab of the store. This method allows you to evaluate each package offered to you in the game by calculating the gem cost of each item and then determining the total gem cost relative to the price of that package. The higher the Gem value of a package relative to its price, the better the deal in terms of value. Of course, there may be situations where you only need one particular item, and then a set that is worth less than its price will be more useful to you, making it a better buy.

Optimal way to spend money

If you want to spend your money on RAID optimally: Shadow legends, there are three general tips you should keep in mind. First, as explained in the paragraph above, the value you get for the amount spent is not the same for all packs in the game. There is actually a pretty big difference between some packages in terms of value for money. You want to spend your money on packages that offer the most value. But that’s not all, because the more money you spend on the game, the less valuable the packs you get. In other words, the more you spend, the less you get for your money, which is good news for those who plan to spend very little. If you start spending money on a game and find that the offerings are getting worse, that’s because the value you get out of packs depends on how much you spend, and of course other factors. Second, equipment packages are generally not the best way to spend money on RAID: Legends of the shadows. Better to spend the money on regular packs that give gems, shards, energy, XP boosts, etc. The reason you don’t want to buy equipment packs is because they contain a lot of RNG. In many cases, at least later in the game, you just can’t use the gear you get if you don’t get the required stats. Finally, the packs that are always available in the Packs tab of the store are usually never a good buy, as they offer less value for money than most other packs in the game. Instead, look for packages on other tabs in the store or in pop-ups around town. That’s all you need to know if you want to spend money on RAID: Shadow Legends, and the best packs to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I spend money on raid shadow legends?

There is no better way to experience the next big battleground than to play it with the best gear. For every hero, there is a set of equipment that will make them fall in love. The best way to get the best gear is to buy a set of raid packs. Raid packs are the legendary equipment that combines to make each hero as powerful as possible. They are the best equipment in the game, and buying them is what every player must do. Running a marathon, biking across Europe, or conquering the world with Civilization? All of these are experiences that you can have with the new ARPG Raid: Shadow Legends. The game is full of meaningful choices and you’ll want to make the right ones. In this guide we’ll give you a rundown of what to spend money on, and what you can get for free.

Should you spend money on raid shadow legends?

The new expansion, Darkstarr, has launched with a new item called the Raid Pack. These contain so-called ‘rare’ items that drop more frequently than other items. The Raid Pack is the target of some negativity in the community though, with many players questioning whether they are worth the $9.99 price tag. The question is – how good are these Raid Packs? And how do they compare to other sources of rares? This will be the first post in a series of articles on this subject. With the latest raid coming out just a few weeks ago a lot of new players are looking at the best way to buy packs. In this raid guide, we will examine the best packs to buy and evaluate the results. We will also look at how to make money farming for packs, and whether the raid will be worth playing to complete it.

What is the best character in raid shadow legends?

To help you make the best choice when buying packs in the game, we’ve created a short, simple, no-nonsense guide to getting the best stuff. We’ll go through the different packs, listing their pros and cons, and list the best ones to purchase. Then we’ll discuss the best way to play them: should you try to improve your stats or make your characters stronger? Is it better to buy a pack with a higher chance for rare items or one with a higher chance of getting legendaries? Can you buy higher-tier packs with a lower chance of getting legendaries and still be able to use them to improve your characters? The best time to research how to get the best pack is when starting the game. You can spend a lot of time grinding, and you might hit it at some point, but it’s not always guaranteed. You’ll have to look at every new pack in the store to figure out which one gives you the best bang for your buck.

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