RAID: Shadow Legends – Stats Guide: What Does Each Stat Do?

From a site that provides stats and guides for games it is recommended to increase your ATK, MAG, and MDEF when you are a mage. There is a chance to increase your ATK and MAG when you are a Warrior. There is an even chance to increase your MDEF and MDEF when you are a Priest.

Well, the long wait is finally over: RAID is finally on Steam!  It’s been a long road to get here, but the wait is over. For those of you who don’t know RAID, it’s a multiplayer online FPS-RPG that uses a card system to level up and gain stronger weapons.  It’s pretty addictive, and definitely worth your time!  Here’s a quick overview of the system:

champions in RAID : Shadow legendaries have different stats, each of which affects champions in some way. There is no one best stat to build, as the optimal stat(s) depend on the champion and the build you do for that champion. Here is a brief overview of what each of the RAID statistics means: The legends of the shadows are and were.

  • HP = Hit points, the number of hit points a champion has.
  • ATK = Attack, the damage value of the champion used to calculate the damage of most skills.
  • DEF = Defense, reduces damage done by enemies.
  • SPD = The speed at which a champion acts quickly in combat, expressed as the speed at which the champion fills the movement counter.
  • C. RATE = Critical Rate, the probability that an attack is a critical hit.
  • C. DMG = Critical Damage, the multiplier by which the damage of a critical hit increases relative to a normal attack.
  • RESIST = Resistance to Debuffs, this is the strength of your champion in terms of resistance to incoming debuffs – a higher RESIST means a greater chance of resistance to debuffs.
  • CCA = Debuff Accuracy, the strength of your champion in terms of putting debuffs on enemies – a higher CCA means a higher chance of putting a debuff.

It is important to look for the stats that best suit a particular champion, as some champions are compatible with certain stats and others are not. For more information on the statistics of each game, see below. Table of contents

What are health points (HP)

Hit points indicate how much health a champion has. The more health a champion has, the more damage he can take before being defeated. Champions in a defensive or HP role generally have more HP than champions in other roles, with scale champions being the most numerous. Increasing your champion’s HP is a way to make them more resilient if you have trouble keeping them alive in a fight. A champion’s HP doesn’t tell you everything about his tanking ability, as DEF and RESIST also play a role, both of which are explained in the next section.

What is an attack (ATK)

A champion’s attack value is the amount of damage he can do. However, the amount of damage a champion can do in a fight cannot be determined by his number of attacks alone, as it depends on his skills. Moreover, the skills of some champions do not depend on attacking stats, such as B. Jizoh, whose skills depend on DEF stats. That means his attack speed doesn’t matter. He takes more damage in combat by increasing his DEF, not his ATK. However, most champions scale their ATK value, as damage done by skills is usually calculated based on the champion’s ATK value. You can tell if a champion’s skill damage is calculated based on his attack stats or on some other basis by looking at his skill description. In general, this means that increasing the attack stats of most champions will allow them to do more damage in combat.

What is protection (DEF)

The champion’s defense value determines how much incoming damage is mitigated. The higher the protection value, the more the damage is reduced. This means that increasing a champion’s DEF value gives him more resistance. So you will find that most tank champions are in RAID : Legends of the shadows has high HP and DEF. Some champions that you think aren’t very tanky because they don’t have much HP can be hard to beat if they have a lot of defense.

What is speed (EPD)

The speed value determines the speed of a champion. In battles, the fastest champion attacks first, which can significantly affect the outcome of the fight. The speed value determines not only who attacks first in battle, but also how quickly the champion’s turn counter is replenished. The faster the champion’s turn counter is replenished, the more often he will attack during the fight, assuming he can survive. This means that a champion who regenerates his movement counter 50% faster than the other will attack 50% more often than the other during the fight, if the fight lasts long enough and the champion can survive. If you’re putting together a team with a lot of explosive damage but little stamina, high speed can be very useful, as it allows you to perform all your attacks before the opponent has time to attack you.

What is the critical path (CR)

The critical rate is the probability that an attack is a critical hit. A critical hit causes increased damage. The amount of extra damage on a critical hit is determined by the champion’s critical damage value. The RATE of the C. Champion tells you directly what the probability of a critical hit is. As the champion. B. has a C. of 30%, then the probability of the attack becoming critical is 30%. Increasing a champion’s number of critical attacks can significantly increase their overall damage, especially if they have skills that increase or improve critical attacks.

What is critical damage (C. DMG)

The critical damage value determines the amount of additional damage caused by a critical hit. A normal attack does 100% damage. A critical hit caused 100% + C. DMG Master. For example, a champion with 70% C. DMG inflicts 170% critical hit damage, 100% base damage, and 70% extra damage. Increasing a champion’s C. DMG can significantly increase his damage if he already has a high C. RATE. Some champions whose skills are based on critical hits also benefit from a high critical damage value.

What is resistance (RESIST)

Resistance, and more specifically debuff resistance, is a measure that describes your champion’s ability to withstand debuffs. Resistance to a debuff means it has no effect on the champion. In other words: If the champion successfully resists the weakening, he blocks it completely and the weakening is not applied to him. The RESIST value is not a direct probability, but the higher the champion’s RESIST value, the more likely the champion is to resist debuffs. Whether or not your champion resists a possible incoming debuff is calculated after scrolling down whether or not the debuff has been applied. For example, if an enemy uses an ability that has a 50% chance of inflicting a debuff on your champion and that debuff successfully takes effect, whether or not your champion resists is taken into account, as he blocks the debuff that would otherwise be inflicted on you. The moment it is known whether your champion will withstand a successful weakening or not, the CAC of the attacker comes into play. A high resistance makes a champion more resilient indirectly, because on average he is exposed to fewer debuffs, most of which inflict damage or reduce his defense.

What is accuracy (CCA)

Accuracy, or more specifically, accuracy of adverse effects, is a measure that determines your champion’s ability to apply adverse effects. The higher the CAC of a champion, the higher the chance that a possible debuff will be applied by that champion. As with the RESIST value, the ACC value determines the probability that an otherwise successful debuff will not be resisted, i.e. blocked by the opponent. So, if you make an attack that puts a debuff on an opponent, but their resistance is high, the debuff may not get through because it blocks them. However, with a high ACC value, you can beat their RESIST value and make the debuff disappear in this scenario. Champions whose abilities are based on imposing weakening spells benefit greatly from a high ACC. That’s what all RAID statistics do: The legends of shadows and how they work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primary stat in raid?

In this article we will be examining the stats of an iconic character: Shadow. With this guide, we will show you the best choices for each stat and provide some tips and tricks on how to best utilize each stat. The primary stats in Shadow Legends are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Strength increases your chance of dealing critical damage with melee weapons and boosts your damage with melee weapons. Dexterity increases your ability to dodge and parry attacks and your chance to hit with ranged weapons. Intelligence increases your ability to detect invisible enemies and boosts your mana regen.

What does HP stand for in raid shadow legends?

There are many stats in RAID: Shadow Legends that affect your characters performance. The main stats in this game are the health, strength and agility, which are reflected in the character’s HP, STR and AGI respectively. RAID: Shadow Legends – Stats Guide: What Does Each Stat Do?

What is the best character in raid shadow legends?

RAID: Shadow Legends is the latest game to come from Blizzard Entertainment It’s a mobile game that has been primarily developed for Android, and is being called the successor to the popular World of Warcraft Legion. While it is still early in the game’s lifespan, it is already a fun game to play, and one that has its own unique look and play style. Raids are somewhat like dungeons in that they are full of enemies, and the final boss, the Doom Lord, has a different look for each raid. Want to know what the best character in the game is? Who should you play to maximize your stats? How does the different character classes stack up against each other? What is the best class for which to craft your runewords? RAID Shadow Legends is perhaps the best game to answer these questions, so we have decided to make a guide for it!

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