RAID: Shadow Legends – Energy Guide: How to Get, Best Use, Etc.

The first thing you’ll want to know about Shadow Legends is the energy system. Energy lets players continue playing, fight for a better loot drop, and even unlock new skills. Here’s how it works and more!

Shadow Legends is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Supercell. The “raid: Shadow Legends best use of energy” is the name of an article that has been written to show players how to get, best use, etc.

You can’t combat in the campaign or any dungeon without energy, hence it’s the most crucial resource in RAID: Shadow Legends

You won’t need much more energy early on in the game since you’ll earn enough from different start quests, free gifts, and advancement awards, but as the game progresses, you’ll quickly run out.


Because energy is required to combat in both the campaign and dungeons, you’ll need it to acquire silver, mastery scrolls, potions, and artifacts, all of which are critical to make champions stronger.

It’s tough to use energy as effectively as possible since there are so many elements to consider when deciding how to spend it.

How to Get Legendary Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends is a good read.

We cover all you need to know about energy in RAID: Shadow Legends, from where to obtain it to how to utilize it, in this tutorial.

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What exactly is energy?

To complete majority of the content in RAID: Shadow Legends, you’ll require energy.

If you run out of energy, you won’t be able to start any combat in the campaign or any dungeons, which are two of the most important sections of the game.

The player’s ability to perform an endless number of conflicts is limited by the energy supply, making it the most valuable resource.

Because energy is finite and required to conduct fights, it is treated as a commodity that may be exchanged for the commodities that can be found in the campaign and dungeons – silver, artifacts, mastery scrolls, and potions.

Inside the game, you can see how much energy you have left at the top of the screen.

It is possible to have more energy than your maximum cap, however you do not regenerate energy when you have more than your maximum limit.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, how do you gain energy?

In the game, there are a variety of methods to get energy, some of which you may actively accomplish and others that you can claim from time to time.

The following is a thorough list of all the many ways to get energy in RAID: Shadow Legends:

  • Missions
  • Quests
  • Increasing your skill level
  • Chests
  • Playtime has many advantages.
  • Bazaar
  • Conflicts between factions
  • Doomsday Clock
  • Rewards for logging in every day
  • Events
  • Tournaments
  • Packs
  • Shop

Missions are a set of tasks accessible from the bottom of the screen. Some of the tasks reward you with energy when you complete them.

In the game, there are four different sorts of quests: daily, weekly, monthly, and advanced. Several missions reward you with energy, including the daily quest ‘Fight in Classic Arena 5 times,’ which rewards you with a full energy refill.

As a reward for leveling up in RAID: Shadow Legends, you will get energy equal to your current maximum limit. Check out our advice on how to swiftly level up your account.

Some of the game’s chests, such as the raid activity chest, might reward you with energy.

Upon having had the game open for 60 minutes, you can claim a full energy refill from the Playtime has many advantages. system, which resets daily. You can access it through the hourglass in the bottom-right corner above the BATTLE button.

You may buy 300 energy for 1,000 Gold Bars in the Bazaar in the Tag Team Arena.

One of the rewards that you get from collecting stars from stages in Conflicts between factions is energy. You can see at what milestones you get energy in Conflicts between factions by clicking the information icon inside Conflicts between factions.

Some of the floors in the Doomsday Clock give energy as a reward. The first floor to give energy is floor 10.

The Rewards for logging in every day system gives useful items daily, and some days that reward is energy.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there is nearly always at least one event going on, and energy is often one of the prizes for participation.

Tournaments, like events, nearly always run the game, and you’ll frequently discover energy as part of the prize pool in tournaments as well.

If you want to spend money on RAID: Shadow Legends, you may buy a variety of packs, many of which include energy. Every day, though, there are free packets to grab, and they typically include a complete energy refill.

Finally, for 40 gems, you may get a complete energy replenishment at the Shop. If you already have the gem mine unlocked and additional slots in the market, buying complete energy refills is a terrific way to spend your gems in RAID: Shadow Legends.

The most effective method to use energy

It’s not always simple to figure out how to use your energy in RAID: Shadow Legends so that you may be efficient with your valuable resources.

When it comes to effectively using energy, the first thing to remember is that you want to maintain your energy below your maximum limit since you’ll then be passively renewing energy up to your maximum cap.

When you have more energy than your maximum cap, you will not be able to gather any more energy passively until your maximum limit is reached.

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However, sometimes the best approach to use your energy in RAID: Shadow Legends is to save it until a crucial event or tournament occurs, ensuring that you get all of the awards you need.

You’d want to have a lot more energy saved up than your maximum limit in this instance, even if it means you won’t be renewing energy passively.

The tricky balance of attempting to use energy wisely in the game is deciding which of the two tactics you should take.

As a general rule, we don’t encourage attempting to preserve a lot of energy early in the game since it’s simpler to gain more energy early on than it is later on.

Late in the game, when upgrading your champions is your primary priority, it’s frequently a good idea to save energy for a few days if you have an important event or tournament coming up that will provide you with the awards you need to boost your team’s strength.

Another basic suggestion for maximizing your energy expenditure is to strive to complete numerous goals at once.

For example, if you need to farm the Arcane Keep for potions to ascend champions, try to combine it with Increasing your skill level fodder champions at the same time, making more of your energy.

If you can schedule your XP boosts from weekly and advanced quests with events such that you may farm potions, event points and champion XP while using an XP boost, you’ll have an extremely efficient energy consumption setup.

Although timing everything every time you use energy is challenging, attempting to get more out of your energy will help you move quicker in the game.

What is the greatest amount of energy you can use?

In RAID: Shadow Legends, the highest energy limit is 130, which you get at level 60.

Despite the fact that the game’s highest level is now 100, there is no increased energy limit beyond level 60.

With a greater energy cap, you’ll be able to not only recover more energy passively, but also acquire more energy from complete energy refills.

How rapidly do you replenish your energy supply?

In RAID: Shadow Legends, you regain 1 energy every 3 minutes if you have less energy than your maximum energy limit.

If you have 0 energy and the maximum energy cap of 130, which is unlocked at level 60, it takes 6.5 hours to completely recover your energy to the cap.

When you reach the maximum energy limit, you can no longer regenerate energy until you go below it again.

How can I raise my energy limit?

You can increase your maximum energy limit in RAID: Shadow Legends by Increasing your skill level your account.

Your energy limit rises by a little amount with each level of your account until you reach level 60, at which point it will not increase any further.

Your energy limit is 18 at the start of the game, and it rises to 130 at level 60, which is the most it can go.

With each subsequent level up, your energy limit will decrease as you get closer to level 60.

In other words, during the start of your adventure, your energy limit grows higher each level than as you get closer to level 60.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, that’s all there is to know about energy!

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RAID: Shadow Legends – Energy Guide is a guide for the popular mobile game, “raid: shadow legends”. The guide will help you get and best use of energy in this game. Reference: raid: shadow legends fastest way to 6 star .

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I spend energy on in raid shadow legends?

A: I would recommend spending your energy on weapons and high level gear.

How do you get energy fast in raid shadow legends?

The most efficient way to get your energy back up is by using the auto-heal skill. This will heal for a percentage of your total health over time and does not have any cooldowns or restrictions on how often you can use it, making it an excellent choice. You should also make sure that youre taking in food during this time as well to replenish some lost HP.

How fast does energy regen raid?

A: Energy regen rate for raids is a little over one point per second.

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