If you are a racing sports lover then you might be well aware of Australia’s well-known horse racing event held on every November. This year it is just a day to go, Australian’s horse racing Melbourne Cup will kick start on coming fifth of November 2019.

For those who are very unaware of the event here is the small windup about the event. In the Victoria state of Australia, the day on which the horseracing event conducting will announce as an annual public holiday and in literal, the event day is popularly dubbed as “the race that stops the nation”

Why Melbourne Cup is So Popular?

The day on which the event happening is called Melbourne Cup Day all over the continent and it has been in the practice ever since the sporting event started to take place right from 1861 at the Flemington Racecourse located in Victoria state.  

The Australian considers horseracing, as one among the traditions now the tradition has become a sporting event that drives all the attentions of the Australians over the years. The upcoming 2019 Melbourne Cup will be the 159th edition of the event and it will kick start on coming 5th of November.

Last year, the event held on November 6th, 2018 and this year horse racing will be conducted over a distance of 3200 meters with the total whopping prize money of $7,750,000.00.  

Experts Prediction 

Well, just like the other event, on this year too the racing experts announced their winner prediction list. On that list, a horse called Constantinople manages to won so many experts’ hearts with impressive performance for the past few months. To be frank, the horse, which the racing experts predicted, is the same style horse that won the 2017 and 2018 games. Owing to that, many people start to bet their chances via Ladbrokes on this specific horse, by hoping that same myth will follow this year and the same style horse will win the event. Ladbrokes one of the trustworthy British betting sites allows its users to bet on their favorite games and offers impressive track records in the betting industry. Over the years, the Melbourne cup has witnessed several types of horses taking part in the event at different eras.

While turning the history pages, in early days players just trusted horses that can cross 3200m. However, in late 1990s players moved on with different style horse especially which are mighty and powerful that has the breathtaking acceleration for winning the event.

With the racing experts, prediction the 2019 Melbourne Cup winner starts to revolve on the Internet. What are you waiting for? Start your prediction, place your bet on a trustworthy site just as mentioned above, and experience the joy of your prediction becoming true. Meanwhile, there are certain issues facing by the event organizers due to the environmentalist protesting to stop hurting horses. Let us hope the upcoming 159th edition of the racing event will take place without any mess.

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