r/MMORPG is looking for moderators!

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r/MMORPG is looking for moderators! Unfortunately, we’ve had to kick out a lot of troublemakers lately, and it’s really hurt our community. We are looking for people who are interested in moderating our rapidly growing subreddit and helping to build a positive and constructive environment for our community. We are looking for moderators who will be active in the community, and actively remove posts, comments, and users that violate the rules of the subreddit.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an active Redditor in the r/MMORPG community. You’re curious about how r/MMORPG functions and what it takes to moderate this subreddit, and hopefully you’ll find this guide helpful. Trust us, the work you’ll put in as a moderator will be worth it when you see the community thriving, and you’ll quickly grow to love the responsibilities of the job. We hope you’ll apply for the open moderator position.

Each year this community continues to grow, and each year we open applications for moderators to fill this need.

We are looking for mods to help us keep the community clean. We currently need additional non-national moderators to help fill these moderation gaps. Basically: The closer you are to GMT+12, the better.

However, this does not mean that we will not consider your application if you are not a native. Representatives of CIS and EU countries may also apply. We don’t turn down a good application just because you’re in the wrong time zone.

This year, however, we’re not just looking for presenters. We have always been committed to hosting AMA, and recently we expanded that effort to include a weekly news update and just launched our first live community event. In the future, we would like to organize more events like this to get the community more involved. You can indicate on the application if you want to focus on these efforts.

You can fill out an application here: https://forms.gle/kLtVgoLuDTpoDeYX6.

The application form will remain open until the 8th.


What is the role of a facilitator?

A moderator is a person who helps keep Sabreddit clean and removes those who have proven they cannot follow the rules. We work as a team. We expect you to follow the modus operandi and read the subtitle and comments.

Am I too young or too old to be a moderator?

We ask that all applicants be at least 18 years of age. However, if you can demonstrate why you would make a good presenter, we are willing to make exceptions to this rule. After that, the doors are open and everyone is welcome.

How long do you want me to stay a moderator?

We have no strict expectations. This is a volunteer position, and we don’t think it’s fair to expect anything from it. Of course, if you don’t moderate, you get removed as a moderator. There are no charts, and other than a certain minimum commitment, we have no exit expectations. Weekly news items, for example, are left entirely to the discretion of the moderator who decides when, how and if they will be published.

What can I expect if I indicate that I want to help with content?

This can take many forms, from helping write weekly discussion posts to actively participating in events of interest to the community. As before, we have no time expectations if you continue to contribute. We try to give more freedom to try things, but we also understand that this is a volunteer position and we can’t expect people to take it very seriously.

How free am I to change or try anything?

I say the same to all the moderators: You can try. We ask that you discuss your ideas with the whole team first, but it is up to you to decide at what stage you want to involve others. Some things require coordination with mods or admins, for example. B. Rule changes.

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