Quinton de Kock will not be South Africa’s Test Captain, confirms Graeme Smith.

Smith made it clear that they did not want DeCock to be inundated with responsibility.


Published – 17. April 2020. 17:25 | updated – 17. April 2020 17:25

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Quinton de Cock and Graham Smith Quinton de Cock and Graham Smith (source: Twitter)

South Africa currently has no captain in its test team, as Faf du Plessis resigned in February of this year. Quinton de Cock was named his successor in the shape of a white balloon. But Graham Smith, who was appointed on Friday by the Permanent Cricket Director for South Africa (CSA), confirmed that the Victorian batter would not be charged with any responsibilities.

The last time Proteas played home against England, he lost the four-game series 3-1, although the first one was won. Shortly after the loss of the Du Plessis series, he resigned as captain amid questions about his immediate international future as captain. However, the CSA has given him an annual contract for the 2020-21 season in order to put an end to all speculation.

Regarding the appointment of a captain of the dough, the CSA has time if South Africa does not play the dough before July-August, when a tour of the West Indies is planned.

We want fresh DeCock, says Graham Smith.

Graham Smith has confirmed that Quinton de Cock will not be named test captain and has stated that management does not want him to be overloaded. They also want it to be fresh, and the captain’s longest size, with the gate and baseball bat, Smith said, would be too big for the left turn.

The only thing I can confirm is that Quinton will be our captain of the White Ball, and he won’t be a trial captain. We want Quinton to be fresh and play well. I’ve always thought that capturing all three formats is a difficult task, as is the case for me in this business. We’ve seen several countries trying to figure out what’s best, and I think that probably won’t work in three formats, quotes ESPNCricinfo.

But if it’s not De Coke, then who is? This is the issue Graham Smith is working on right now. At the moment the South African test team does not have many experienced players and the board continues to fight for the next leader in this format. I can’t tell you who it is. That’s what we’re talking about now. Right now, there’s no one you can identify and say it’s this guy.

There are a lot of other players fighting for the national team and I think that’s a challenge that we have to face right now. There are a lot of players who are on a similar level, Smith said.

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