Quick Tips for Garage Organization 

Tackling a messy garage is something that you may have been putting off for a while, but now is the perfect time to get it organized. Your garage doesn’t have to be the junk room anymore if you plan and create a simple system of organization. An organized garage makes it much easier to find what you need and efficiently store items like bikes, children’s toys, tools, classic car t-shirts and yard equipment. Here are some easy tips to get your garage clean and organized.

Get Rid of the Clutter

The first step to an organized, neat garage is to get rid of the clutter and trash that may be piling up. Start cleaning out your garage by going through everything inside and clearing out anything that isn’t used anymore. You may need to trash some things that have been collecting dust inside for years. Consider selling any items you don’t want that are still in good condition or donating them.

Use Wall Space

Next, you have to maximize your use of space in your garage and create a place to store your essentials. The most effective way to do this is by building a wall storage system, with cabinets, shelving or stackable crates. Placing the system against the wall frees up the rest of the garage’s area for your vehicle and other bigger items. Use the rest of the free wall space for cool garage-themed decorations, such as old gas station signs.

Group Similar Items Together

When putting your items away in your storage system, make sure you group similar items together to make it easier to access and find your stuff. Install ceiling hooks in your garage to store heavier items, like children’s bikes and scooters. Place all of your fishing gear together in one spot to make preparation for your next trip easier. Group sports equipment, like golf clubs and basketballs together.

Plan the Right Layout

Make sure you plan a layout for your new, organized garage. Consider the size and layout of your garage and your needs. Some people use their garage as a workshop for woodworking or hobbies. Others primarily use their garage to store their cars. Car enthusiasts should design a space-saving layout that allows their vehicles to be stored safely and keeps essential tools, like a low profile billet aluminum jack easily accessible. Stock your garage with other basics like car covers and fluid top-up supplies.

Recruit Helpers  

The last way you can get your garage clean and organized quickly is to recruit plenty of helpers. Set aside time blocks, like a weekend, to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Encourage your family members, such as your kids, to get involved and help out. The more people who help you get started on organizing and cleaning out this space, the faster your work will go. Consider having a family garage sale where everyone shares the profits.

If your garage is a mess and is filled with random knickknacks and junk, it’s time to declutter and take back your space. Clean out your garage and get organized with these top tips.


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