Quake II RTX Now Available on GOG

Quake II RTX is the most realistic and immersive Quake II mod that has ever been created, and it’s finally available for download on GOG.com. Quake II RTX features over 60 new models, more than 70 new sounds, and over 500 new textures. It introduces completely new gameplay elements, and a number of new weapons. It also introduces a new game mode, called Penumbra, which is a 1v1 deathmatch game mode.

Quake II RTX is fully compatible with modern operating systems for both Windows and Mac. The game supports modern graphics card and CPUs, and the newest versions of the most popular game engines, including Unreal Engine 4, Unity and CryEngine. Support for RTX Ray Tracing technology has been added to the latest version of the engine.

Quake II RTX, the latest iteration of id Software’s classic shooter by the same name, is now available on GOG, the popular digital distribution platform that targets gamers. The game, which costs $29.99, offers a number of improvements over its predecessor, Quake II, including a new engine and modernized mechanics. Quake II RTX is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and can be purchased through GOG.

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Last week, Bethesda and id Software commemorated Quake’s 25th anniversary by releasing an upgraded edition of the famous Dark Fantasy FPS for PC gamers who already own it on Steam and Bethesda.net. GOG has chosen to pay tribute to the series by giving out free, DRM-free downloads of Quake II RTX, a remastered version of the legendary sequel that takes use of current graphical technology.

Quake II RTX is the same shooter that fans of id Software are familiar with, but with the additional beauty of real-time ray tracing effects. Realistic reflections, refraction, shadows, and global lighting are just a few of the features that make Quake II appear better than it has in the past.

The three levels from the original shareware release are included in Quake II RTX, but GOG users may buy the Quake II: Quad Damage package to unlock all levels from the basic game as well as multiplayer functionality. For $2.99, you can get Quake II: Quad Damage, which contains Quake II, two mission packs (The Reckoning and Ground Zero), and the Extremities netpack.

GOG’s Quake II RTX release, according to one reviewer, only contains the Windows version and no Linux compatibility. That version is available on GitHub. Quake II RTX has been available on Steam since its first release on June 6, 2019, however those who prefer the Galaxy 2.0 launcher may be interested in the GOG version.


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Quake II RTX is now available on GOG , as the title states. Those of you who are not aware of it, RTX stands for “Real-Time-Tracking” and it is a new feature in the game that was only added recently. It is a very interesting feature and it really makes you think about how you are playing the game with that feature enabled.. Read more about quake 2 steam and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable RTX in Quake 2?

To enable RTX in Quake 2, you need to download the latest version of Quake 2 and install it. Then, open up the games options menu and go to Video Options. In there, you will find a drop down menu with OpenGL as an option. Select that and then select Quake 2 RTL from the list.

Can my PC run Quake 2 RTX?

Yes, your PC can run Quake 2 RTX.

Do you need an RTX card for Quake 2 RTX?

You do not need an RTX card for Quake 2 RTX.

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