PUBG Gets a Death Race Mode

PUBG is a popular multiplayer game for PC, and it’s getting a big update this year. Dubbed the 0.8 update, it will include a “death race mode” that pits players against each other in a last-man-standing Battle Royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has recently pushed out a new update for its Xbox and PC version, and it’s a big one. The popular Battle Royale game is getting a new mode called Death Race, and it’s a collaboration between the developer and the South Korean mobile gaming company Netmarble. Death Race has you playing as a team of four players and running around trying to survive until the end of the match.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of 2017’s biggest breakout hits, where more than 10 million people have played the game over the past few months. Since its launch on Xbox One in December, PUBG has drawn a huge amount of attention from both the media and consumers. One of the biggest questions surrounding the game is whether or not it would be possible to add a death race mode, where players can compete to see who can kill the most other players. Today, the answer is yes.. Read more about what is pubg and let us know what you think.

Battlegrounds is testing a new kind of experience in its PUBG Labs mode this week. In this game mode, aptly named Race Mode until now, players must race through Miramar to see who can complete the course first. In true PUBG mode, players can use their weapons to shoot at other participants to increase their chances of crossing the finish line first, giving the game a Mario Kart feel. The PUBG mode was first revealed in late May, when Crafton introduced players to the racing mode, but testing for players to try it out has only recently begun. Race mode is available in PUBG Labs from now until the 7th. June available on PC. Just after that, until the 14th. There will be another test in June where the teams will be replaced by individual players. Those playing on consoles have until the 10th. June, wait. Speed, agility, precision and control are the skills needed to survive Miramar’s deadly race – PUBG (@PUBG) 5. June 2021 The race mode only works on Miramar and in third person perspective. Players can choose from a variety of vehicles with a unique set of racing rules. The full test notes for race mode can be seen below to better explain the racing process, but they are pretty straightforward. Preparing for the race

  • Choose your car at the start of the race.
    • Affordable cars: Motorcycle, Buggy, RB Coupe, Dert Bike, Mirado.
    • Each vehicle is equipped with a different set of weapons.
    • Use the F8 key (Console: D-Pad down) to switch to the vehicle selection interface and change vehicles.
      • After CPR, the vehicle of your choice is displayed.

Start of the race

  • Players appear in their cars as the countdown to the race begins.
  • You may not move or attack other players until the race begins.
  • Once the game starts, destroy everything in your path!
    • Players become invulnerable for 10 seconds at the start of the game and 5 seconds after each respawn to avoid the frustration of being killed on respawn.


  • The race mode takes place on one of the two tracks [here] presented.
  • Both courses are one-way tracks with a static start and finish line.


  • The checkpoints serve as restart points, and you must pass them to advance in the race.
  • If you leave the track for an extended period, an exit timer is activated, and when the countdown reaches zero, you return to the last checkpoint you passed.

Booster boxes

  • Go through the red boxes to collect boosters.
    • The boost boxes appear some time after their collection.
  • The boost can be activated with the shift key.
    • If you use acceleration, switch to FULL SPEED. Send it!
    • If you are killed, you revive with the maximum reinforcement value.
  • Motorcycles and motorized bicycles cannot use the accelerator.
    • This is done for reasons of game balance.

Ammunition boxes

  • Go through the blue boxes to collect ammo.
  • The boxes contain a small amount of ammunition for the equipped weapons.
  • Crates of ammunition revived some time after they were collected.

End of stroke

  • The first player to cross the finish line takes the checkered flag and wins the race for his team!
  • 60 seconds after the winner has crossed the finish line, the game is over.

One of the most popular games out there is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known to most as PUBG. What’s the game about? It’s a Battle Royale shooter, where up to one hundred players enter a map to scavenge for weapons, gear, and other supplies and hope to be the last one standing. The game is pretty popular and has been played by millions of players, but not everyone who plays it is successful. Players in the PUBG community have done all kinds of crazy things to get the highest score and win the game.. Read more about pubg pc and let us know what you think.

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