PSU Tier List 2020 – Complete Power Supply Unit Hierarchy Guide

GPO Hierarchy

The PSU is very similar to the glossary at the end of the chapter, which is always ignored. But if you’re thinking about redesigning your playground equipment and don’t know where to start, just look for the best power supplies on the internet. You will notice that there are several models produced by hundreds of manufacturers.

There is a question with many different options: Which one do you want to go to? Are they all the same or is there a difference between them? What is the best list of GPO levels in 2020?? Now that you’ve always ignored the GPO hierarchy, you should know the basics.

In this article we will discuss all the details of the GPO hierarchy, where to buy them and, most importantly, which are the best GPOs on the market.

If you want to know more about hierarchies, be sure to consult our other hierarchy guides.

2020 GPU Hierarchy

Machining hierarchy 2020

Guide to perfect power supply

Are you looking for a compatible power supply for your PC and not sure what features are needed for a good power supply? It is then important that you inquire about the level of power supply and the capacity of the various available power supplies.

In this section of the article we inform you about the rankings and levels of GPO’s and the equipment that can inspire you.

Most people don’t understand it, but the AKA PSU is the most important and essential part of your PC. The lifespan of the computer’s other components depends solely on the choice of power supply, as the wrong choice can cause major problems.

List of UPC hierarchy levels

For every PC enthusiast, it is important to follow the most reliable components to follow the structure.

To make your trip bearable, we have divided the power supplies into levels, from the best to the least efficient, based on overall performance, price and efficiency.

Level S – Cream

Level GPO S

The number of power supplies at this level is certainly the best available on the market due to their Platinum and 80 Plus ratings, reliability, unique features, power range, price and Japan made components. It wouldn’t be easy for you to find better models than this one.

On the other hand, they are perfect for the kind of enthusiasts who have a considerable budget and accept nothing less. Many NVIDIA GeForce Titan V GPUs complement the latest Intel Core i9 because they are on the waiting list for power.

For the average gamer looking for a reliable PC card for AAA games in a normal configuration, all these devices are suitable for the task and the best.

Calm down! Calm down! Dark power Pro 11

MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJCooler

SeriesSeasonal use

Antec HCP Platinum

Rigid thermal power absorption iRGB PLUS

Corsair AXi Series

Level 1 power supply – excellent performance

Level 1 power unit

Tier 1 devices are lower priced, but offer high power and high reliability. On the other hand, they are more suitable for demanding power devices with expensive components.

Even if you have a budget, nothing bad will happen to you at this level because it contains the most budgeted and best performing units of all time. It’s also a good idea to go to level 1 if you want a future-proof design and want to create extra space for energy-intensive internal components.

Bitphenix Whisperer

Calm down! Calm down! Direct power 11

GIGABYTE AP850GM Aorus P850W Module

Enermax Platimax D.F.

Bitphenix Gold Formula

MX650 Fog without fan

Aerocool Project 7

Corsair AXi/AX Series

Corsair HX/HXi Series

Corsairs RMi/RMx series

Corsair SF

Privateer Profit

Corsair TX-M Series

V SeriesMain cooler

FSP Aurum PT Series

Riotoro-puzzle series

MasterWattSeries Chiller

Seasonal gold

Seasonal concentration plus gold

Seasonal centre of gravity plus titanium

Seasonal snow party series

Series X Season

Platinum Seasonal Series

XFX XTS Series

LEPA G1600

Silverstone NJ600Nightship

FSP Hydro PTM Series

Large RGBseries heat absorption capacity




EVGA G1 1000 W

Superfluous lead

XFX Pro Series

PSU Level 2 – Duration Quality

Secondary power unit

The price of Tier 2 is falling again, and these units are ideal for veterans who are not only looking for a nice power supply, but also for a reliable power supply without having to spend too much of their savings. For products of this level you pay for quality, and every penny is worth it.

However, new purchasers of OMPG may wish to stay away from prices, as this may still be a problem for them.

Semi-modular cooler Master V Series





Enermax without Digifan

Thermal absorber viscosity performance DPS G

Heat absorption capacity Large series

Large RGBseries heat absorption capacity

FSP Hydro G

Dagger FSP SFX

Seasonal M12II

Seasonal S12G

Seasonal G Series

Cone continuum

Shut the fuck up! Net production 11

Pirate CX

Newton R3 fractional pattern

Edison M Fractory construction

Tesla R2 fractional construction

XFX XTR Series

XFX TS Series Gold

Gigabyte XP1200M

Antique Edge

Antec TruePower Classic

Pink Fortress

Pink touchstone

Quark Pink

Level 3 power supply – reliable power supply at the price of

Level 3 PO

At this level we enter the world of power supplies, which are suitable for most players who want a functional device with praiseworthy components that do not bake or fry after heavy use. Moreover, PBs at this level are qualitatively full and affordable.

Puma GX-S

FSP Aurum CM

FSP Hydro X

Aurum Pro

Superflower Platinum King

Rioro Onyx

Zalman EBT

Energy Revolution SFX

Vivo 24K

Integra M SeriesFractal construction

Tesla R2 fractional construction

Photon of the rose

Pink Flash Series

Rose Silent Night

Rosewell Tahyon



Lian Li SFX-L

XFX TS Bronze Series

XFX Pro Series

DQST Freezer

Silverstone SFX

Silverstone Gold Evolution Series

Silverstone Strider Titanium Series

Silverstone Stryder Gold Series

Delivery and cooling silencer for PC Mk III

PC performance and turbocharger cooling

SAMA gold armor

LEPA G Series

Thermal cameraSmart Pro RGB

Series of Intelligent Thermal Imaging Cameras

EVO Blue Heat Inlet Series

Level 4 power supply – mid-range selection

Level 4 PO

In the fourth row we offer one of the most reliable models from the endless catalogue of great power supplies for sale. They work perfectly, but contain no additional functions.

On the other hand, efficiency at the level is not sacrificed. The fourth phase is clearly an average GPU, not very large, which is to a certain extent acceptable in terms of price and performance.

Energy Revolution X’t II

Tesla R2 fractional construction

Silverstone Stryder Plus

Puma LX

MasterWatt LiteChiller

CoolerMaster GM Series

Master GX Cooler – CM Storm


Roseville cornerstone G


Heat absorption capacity Gold Series

Thermal camera Paris

Antec Neo Eco Series

Antec EarthWatts Green Series

Antec High Performance Players Series

Classic Series

Seasonal M12II

Seasonal IVF

Seasonal S12II

CorsairSeries of games

Shut the fuck up! Power zone

Shut the fuck up! Direct power 11

Level 5 OPM – Budget options

Level 5 power unit

To the end, we’re afraid to say things that are bad. Level 5 is particularly suitable for all budget options, and if you’re a computer game enthusiast, these devices are sure to give you goose bumps.

However, if some users can spend more money on a better CPU or GPU, these powers are cost-effective.

Maximum energy NaXn

Silverstone SFX

Antec Basiq Series BP

Pink glacier



Power supply, step 6 – fun and cheap

Level 6 power unit

Level 6 GPUs are tricky; they can work well, but they can be useless in the end. If you ask us, it’s best to be clear, if your budget allows it.

For PC enthusiasts, it is easy to talk about the errors in these power supplies. They offer the most elementary and useless functions, and that’s it. Moreover, these production units hardly ever reach 80+.

FSPSeriesCombat Plane

OCZ Fatal

Silverstone Essential Series


Corsair VS Series

Cooler Master B2 Series



Rosewell RCAF M

Fracture construction Integral R2


Series of Intelligent Thermal Imaging Cameras

Heat absorption capacity Standard


Lite Series Thermal Camera

Antec VP Series

Bitphenix BPA

Supply voltage level 7 – drum base

Level 7 power unit

Acquisitions at this level for all they can offer should not even be on the market. In many ways, players should charge a fee for the use of these devices, not for their actual use, because they are a waste of money.

FSP hexa

Master EliteSeriesCooler

TR2 SeriesThermal Camera


Why is the choice of power supply important?

Here’s something very important you should know:

If you buy a low quality power supply, you will not be able to upgrade to a high-end graphics card. In addition, your gaming power supply won’t be powerful enough to give you a better gaming experience or frame rate, but the power supply is still an important part.

It is therefore very important that you make the right choice, without forgetting the only goal, which is to create a high quality game console.

A power supply of 800 W-1000 W is not sufficient if you do not use multiple graphics cards and do not extremely overclock. However, you don’t need so much power to upgrade your gaming PC.

7 Factors to be considered before the purchase of GPOs

As mentioned above, there are some questions you should ask yourself before you buy a GPO. If you are looking for answers to the above questions, you will certainly get a better idea of the power supply you can get from the many options available on the market. Here are the seven main factors to be taken into account when purchasing a GPO:

  1. Do I need to buy a modular power supply?
  2. Is it important for me to save energy?
  3. How many watts does my gaming PC need?
  4. What does the 80Plus classification mean?
  5. What do you mean by train +12B?
  6. Is excessive water consumption possible?
  7. Do I need a good power source for the games?

Don’t worry about yourself if you get confused by answering some of these questions. At the end of this buyer’s guide you will certainly have some answers and theories about what you are going to do.

Finding the best PC power supply

Power supplies are considered the most important part of your computer that can turn everything upside down if it’s not properly selected.

The fact that your PC works perfectly without a power supply does not mean that the system is perfect. There often comes a time when your PC needs more power than normal.

For example, if you overload the RAM/CPU/GPU of your PC, it will consume a lot of power. In this case, a high-quality power supply is required to supply the required energy. The process of purchasing an adequate power supply includes making a decision that will support future upgrades of your components with minimal effort.

However, it is not easy to find the best BPM. It is important that you have sufficient knowledge about the GPO before you buy it. There are a number of factors you need to understand.

You’re probably wondering what happens when I buy a cheap but powerful or just expensive power supply?  The answer to this question is simple: That’s how people get caught with the power supply. But don’t worry, because this guide will help you a lot.

How many watts does a power supply need?

There is no point in buying a very powerful food that you will never need. Some energy consumption calculators allow you to understand the amount of energy needed to operate your system.

There are many reliable power calculators on the market, but we have compiled a list of some of the best ones to help you.

  • Main coolant supply computer
  • GPO-MGI calculator
  • Seasonal performance calculator

4 Discussion of required GPO ratings

The power packs are marked with the four most important classifications, which give you an idea of the power you get from the power pack.

1st efficiency

An efficient power supply means minimal power consumption and more affordable electronic invoices. The more efficient a food is, the better it performs.

2nd stability

One of the most demanded and necessary characteristics of a good power supply is stability. If the power supply is not stable, it may stop or fail at high temperatures or in other situations.

The safety of a PC’s components depends on the type of power source used. A reliable power supply is always well thought out and has good safety mechanisms, such as EIA undervoltage protection or OVP overvoltage protection, etc.

4. Components used

The power supply is equipped with rectifiers, control circuits, filters and transformers. Most power supplies are often equipped with good cooling fans. If all these components are of good quality, your food will work at its best and last a long time.

In summary, these factors play a decisive role in the operation of the unit of your choice. In addition, power supplies are available in the following power classes:

80+, gold, titanium, bronze, gold and silver, but some power supplies are underestimated.

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