Ps5: Release Date, Price and Data Sheet

The PS5 or PlayStation 5 could be unveiled as early as February 2020 for a market launch between October and December. It will feature Ray Tracing, a new, more immersive DualShock 5 controller, reduced charging times and a 4K Blu-Ray drive. Release Date price and data sheet… We tell you everything we already know about the PS5.


With the release of the Xbox One X, it seemed like Sony was under pressure. This would be an understatement to underestimate the PlayStation 4 catalogue, which continues to sell very well, and the popularity, more generally, of the PS4. However, Sony is expected to launch its new console, the PS5, by the end of 2020. The PS5 logo was also confirmed on the sidelines of CES 2020: not surprisingly, it uses the same graphic charter as the PS3 and PS2 before it.

When will SP5 be launched: February 5, 2020 or later?


The PS5 Logo Presentation Event / Credits: Sony

Sony has confirmed that the console will be launched during “the 2020 holiday season” , i.e. between the months of October and December. A leak also suggested that the PlayStation 5 release date could be set for 20 November. But there have been two recent coups de théâtre. First of all, it has been officially announced that Sony will not be presenting the PS5 at the E3 2020, an event that is traditionally the venue for major launches for both Sony and Microsoft.

The company explains in passing that it is preparing for “a year of celebrations” in preparation for the release of its PlayStation 5 console. But how can we have “a year of celebrations” if the console is only unveiled at the end of the year? This is where a leak, monstrous in its extent, enters the scene. It gives, if confirmed, a much more precise look at what could be Sony’s exit strategy this year: the manufacturer is preparing to unveil the PS5 in a few weeks on February 5th, 2020.

It would then be possible to pre-order it in a selection of contracts. But nothing is certain. The well-informed leaker PSErebus mentions the beginning of pre-orders on 5 March 2020. However, in any case, the console would not be on sale to the general public until October 2020. Of course this exit schedule is to be taken with due caution. Although there are indications at this stage that the leaks are more likely to occur.

In any case, Sony has a vested interest in getting its new console on the market quickly, as sales of the PS4 are falling much more sharply than expected.

Price of PS5: 449 €

Sony has not yet announced the price of the PlayStation 5. However, the leak we mentioned earlier also speaks to the price of the console. The PlayStation 5 would be sold for €449 in Europe. This would ultimately be only €50 more than the PS4 when it was launched (€399). This tariff would be favoured by the signing of phase one of the trade agreement between the United States and China. Note that there would be only one model at launch. The subsequent output of a second PS5 Pro console, such as the PS4 and PS4 Pro is not excluded.


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What do we know about the PS5 data sheet?

The AMD Radeon RX Navi logo

According to one study, the two biggest expectations of PlayStation fans for the PS5 are improved graphics and reduced loading times. Mark Cerny, PlayStation’s chief architect, confirmed some very interesting elements of the datasheet to the Wired blog. We learn that the console will be able to deliver 8K graphics with Ray Tracing and 3D audio. It thus details certain precise points of its technical data sheet:

  • 3rd generation AMD Ryzen SoC (7nm, Zen 2 + GPU Navi)
  • High-speed” internal SSD storage
  • Ray Tracing managed by a dedicated GPU from AMD
  • 8K
  • Backward compatibility with PS4 games
  • 3D Sound
  • A 4K Blu-Ray Disc player

The result, according to Wired, who was able to briefly test a prototype, is loading times of less than 1 second. Sony was quick to officially confirm the information. During a presentation, Sony even compared the charging times of the PS5 with those of the PS4 Pro. To give you an idea, it’s roughly 10 times faster: it would only take 0.83 seconds to load Spider-Man, compared to 8.10 seconds for the PS4 Pro.

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In addition, the PS5 will allow players to install only certain parts of a game to reduce loading times. This issue of loading times seems to make the PS5 and Stadia surprisingly competitive.

In addition, thanks to ray tracing, the console should benefit from a much better rendering of light effects. This technology was introduced on PC by Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards. However, as we already know, the console will use an AMD GPU (Navi generation). Sony assures that all ray tracing calculations will be performed in real time, an area where AMD has yet to prove itself.

What will be the launch games and exclusives for the PS5?

So far only two games have been announced:

However, based on this survey, developers already seem to prefer the PS5 to the Xbox Series X. So we should see the list grow quickly.

How far will Sony push backwards compatibility?


Appropriations: Pixabay

Everything suggests that backwards compatibility will be at the heart of Sony’s strategy this year. Backwards compatibility with PS4 games is already a given, as Sony’s new CEO Jim Ryan confirmed in an interview. Sony also wants to avoid any generational break between PS4 and PS5. Sony explains that if you start a game on the PS4 you can finish it on the PS5 without starting from scratch. A player on PS5 will also be able to play with players on PS4.

But it looks like we’re not even scratching the surface of what backwards compatibility of games on the PS5 will really be. A bundle of concordant clues and rumours point to widespread backwards compatibility with the other 5 PlayStation models (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4). The firm has been working on this unprecedented intercompatibility since at least 2012. It remains to be seen what form this XXL format backwards compatibility will take: will the games simply be playable as on their original console, or will they benefit from sophisticated 4K remastering on the fly as described in this patent?

What does the DualShock 5 controller look like?

Sony has revealed, not surprisingly, that the PlayStation 5 will have a new controller. Patents show that the design will remain broadly the same as the current DualShock 4 controllers. It would have a USB-C port and no light bar.

DualShock PS5 Controller

We also know some of the technologies that Sony plans to incorporate. First the haptic return. Sony would abandon its rumble technology in favour of a more precise, fine and credible return to enhance immersion. The L2 and R2 triggers will be adaptive, which means that editors will be able to increase their robustness, again enhancing immersion.

Jim Ryan said it himself in an interview with Business Insider Japan:“3D audio and haptic feedback from the controller are also things that, when you try them, will surprise you so much they change the player experience. Even when playing a racing game like Grand Turismo Sport with a PlayStation 5 Controller, it’s a completely different experience. Although the game runs well with the old controller, you won’t go backwards after experiencing the detailed texture of a road via haptic feedback and playing with the adaptive triggers”.

Sony is also considering a rather original feature: controller sharing. Concretely, the manufacturer wants to transform single-player games into a multiplayer experience.

LetsGoDigital / The principle in image of sharing buttons

Appropriations: LetsGoDigital / The principle in image of sharing buttons

Players could therefore share the controls of the DualShock 5 via multiple controllers. For a fighting game for example, a player could manage the cross, round, square, triangle keys for attacks. Another could manage the movements with the joysticks while another would handle the powerful shots with the triggers.

Sony could also allow players to “pass the controller” online. A leader would determine the playing time for each of the players, and depending on their performance, the players could play for a shorter or longer period of time. Furthermore this DualShock 5 will be compatible with the PS4.

PSVR 2: virtual reality also on the agenda?

With the Playstation VR (PSVR), Sony has become the first console manufacturer to launch into virtual reality, but there’s still a long way to go to deliver something really powerful. At present, the system is not as good as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The problem is that the PSVR is already pushing the PS4 Pro’s data sheet to the limit.

The Japanese manufacturer should improve all this. The PSVR2 would have two front cameras and one rear camera. The device would also benefit from a transparent screen, which would prevent the player from being completely cut off from the world before starting a game. And quite naturally, when the game starts, the screen darkens accordingly to immerse the player completely in his game.

The most optimistic specialists hope for a 4K image per eye (8K in total). But it may still be too early for such a technological breakthrough. We can also expect quality controllers and a Room Scale based not on the camera, but on real sensors more accurate. A patent also indicates that Sony is preparing a new PS Move.

However, it is not certain that Sony will launch the new version of the PSVR at the same time as the PS5.

Which design for the PS5?


Our Dutch colleagues at LetsGoDigital were the first to create beautiful renderings from Sony patents. They give a first idea of the machine, or at least of the console development kit. The design of the consumer PS5 is likely to be very different. There have since been several photos of this console developers:

Photos from the Developer

Photos of theDeveloper Kit

However, a new design has also surfaced, taken up by our Let’s Go Digital colleagues. The shape of this console is more similar to what is expected from the consumer version of the PS5. But be careful, because at this stage nothing is confirmed:

Alongside this potential design, a capture of what appears to be the PS5’s interface has also leaked onto the web. As you can see from the image below, this could be a preliminary version of the console environment, stamped version “0.100.200”. It has many of the features of the PS4 interface, starting with its tiled navigation system, and an animated blue background with icons representing the various emblematic buttons of the Dualshock.

What do you think about what’s coming up around the PS5? Share your opinion in the comments!

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