PS5 Physical Edition of Horizon Forbidden West Outsells PS4 Version in the UK

Horizon: Forbidden West has been the most popular PS4 game in the UK since its release, according to Chart-Track. It is outselling the physical edition of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 by a significant margin.

The “horizon forbidden west regalla edition – ps5” is a physical version of the game that was released in the UK. The PS4 version of the game sold more copies than the PS5 version, but it was not as popular.

Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Sells-over-20-Million-Copies-across-PS4Guerrilla Games (photo credit: Guerrilla Games)

With the release of horizon forbidden west in the United Kingdom an unexpected turn of events has happened. The PS5 version’s physical edition outsold the PS4 version. The PS4 physical version was £10.00/$10.00 cheaper and included a free coupon for the PS5 upgrade, therefore this might ordinarily be regarded a water-is-wet situation. This reflected the PlayStation Store’s price levels for digital standard editions. The content of each edition is believed to be same.

According to, the PS5 edition accounted for 68% of all boxed version sales in the United Kingdom. This meant that the older console accounted for just 32% of total sales. It’s probable that a prior contentious declaration from Sony about the availability of the next installment on each device confused purchasers.

In September, Sony said that the PS4 version will not contain a digital download voucher for the PS5 version. However, after receiving outrage from the public, the corporation reversed its decision two days later.

Overall, sales seem to be down compared to the last launch.

Ironically, despite having the second-highest PS5 game launch in the UK to date, the console’s lack of availability may have hampered the debut of the new game. According to the study, sales of Horizon Zero Dawn are down 35% from the last launch in 2017. It’s likely that if Sony hadn’t made its initial statement, more PS4 users might have elected to wait until a PS5 system became available.

The article also mentions that no sales numbers for the game’s digital editions have been published. Those missing sales figures may present a very different image of the overall number of copies sold for the new release. Another analysis, published recently, looked at how physical edition sales have been steadily declining from 2018 to 2021. This might also be a contributing reason in the game’s lower sales compared to the original. Once all purchases have been accounted for, the observed drop in sales might be nothing more than a symptomatic tendency of the times.

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The “horizon forbidden west collector’s edition ps5 ” is a physical copy of the horizon forbidden west game that comes with a steelbook case and art book. The PS4 version only sold 1,000 copies in the UK while the PS5 version sold 4,000 copies.

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