Ps4: the Best Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of the Console

Maj. November 8, 2018 at 1:38 pm

The PS4 was present under many Christmas trees. You have to admit that the PlayStation 4, whether it is a Pro, Slim or Classic version, is an ideal gift. Indeed, it is a game console with an impressive catalogue of exclusives. But it is also a media center. Thus its Blu-ray player and applications, such as Netflix, make it an interesting object. And here are the best tips and tricks to get the most out of the console.

The PS4 and its variants have been proving their worth to gamers for several years. So they were obviously part of our shopping guide which console to choose for Christmas 2017. The PlayStation 4 classic, Slim or Pro benefits from an attractive catalogue of exclusive features. In particular, The Last of Us. But also the series God of War or Horizon: Dawn Zero. Moreover, equipped with a Blu-Ray player, the console is perfectly placed in the living room. Here are the best tips and tips to get the most out of the console.

Create one or more NSP accounts


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To play offline, only a local user is required. However, an NHP account becomes mandatory to play certain video games online. And to buy some! For example, a PSN account allows you to play video games online, such as the Overwatch SPF of Blizzard. The same applies to the online multiplayer modes of some games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Call of Duty World War 2.

But, if the whole family uses the console, creating multiple accounts is a must for a personalized experience. Especially when there are children. Indeed, it is possible to build a family structure with NHP accounts. Thus, an adult’s account can set parental controls. But also spending limits for each child in the family! A family can have up to 7 NHP accounts or 15 local users.

Making your PlayStation 4 unique

Taking ownership of your console obviously involves a personalization step. Of course, we dream of being unique, even if, as Tyler Durden in Fight Clubsays, we are not a pristine snowflake ! This can be done through physical customization. Or by technical customization, such as changing the hard drive on your PlayStation 4 to save storage space or speed.

The PlayStation 4 allows you to customize its interface. To do this, simply select from Settings > Themes, a theme from the PlayStation Store. Thus, the dashboard has a different look from the standard imposed on everyone! And of course, it is possible to configure a custom profile picture. To do this, go to Options > Edit profile. Name, profile picture and avatar are customizable.

Installing Applications

The PlayStation 4 console is a one-stop shop in the living room. If its primary role is to run Video games it is also able to read Blu-Ray. But the PS4 also has a catalogue of applications that enhances its everyday use! For example, the Plex application completely transforms the console into a media center. But also the OCS and Netflix applications. Here is the list of movies and series to watch in January 2018, which allow you to watch your favorite programs!

As well as Youtube and Twitch to watch his friends play. Or complete strangers! As for the ears, they’re not to be outdone with the Spotify app! Moreover, the music application can be used in game. And sports fans are not to be outdone with the Being Sport and UEFA Champions League applications! To download apps, go to the PlayStation Store and add one or more apps to the cart, and proceed to checkout!

Keeping your video games up to date

That it is unpleasant to start a game, and to find that it is impossible to play it immediately. All this because of an update to install! If only the updates could start automatically… Well, it’s actually quite possible! This is an accessible option even when the Sony console is in standby mode. The configuration of automatic downloads involves three parameters. But be careful, this option is reserved for NHP subscribers.

  1. Activate the PlayStation 4 from the network.

    Go to Parameters, then Power management parameters and finally Define the functions available in idle mode. In this section, simply check the boxes Stay connected to the Internet and Allow PS4 activation from the network

  2. Allow automatic downloads

    Go to Settings, then System and finally Automatic downloads. In this section, just check the box Application Update Files

  3. Activate Idle mode

    Instead of turning off the console, press and hold the PS button and select Switch to Idle mode. The Power Button on the PlayStation 4 turns orange.

Play and control your PS4 remotely

Owners of other Sony terminals can play their Playstation 4 games remotely! All you need is a PS Vita handheld console or a Sony Xperia smartphone, the 2018 model of which is expected. To be able to play your PS4 games remotely, you need to Enable remote reading in the Remote reading connection parameters. A little more difficult to conceive, Sony allows to play its PS4 games from a PC or a Mac, after having installed on the computer the application Remote Play.

When the only Sony terminal you own is your PlayStation 4, all is not lost! And installing the PlayStation App on your Android or iOS smartphone can make life a lot easier! Indeed, from the smartphone application, it is possible to buy video games and download them directly, remotely, on your PS4! Similarly, the application allows you to chat with your friends, receive notifications and status updates.

Sharing your experience

The DualShock 4 controller supplied with the PlayStation 4 has a button, which is far too little used. SHARE, from its little name, allows you to take screenshot and make gameplay videos to keep or share online. But we have to admit that its use is not very natural, especially when it is at stake. Indeed, three types of pressure can be used to trigger specific actions!

Thus, a short press of the SHARE button will bring up the function menu, make a screenshot and save a Video Clip While a long press, at least 1 second, allows you to take a screenshot without the game menu or Video Clip Finally, a double press defines the starting point of a Video Clip

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the operation of this key can be parameterized. To do this, open the SHARE menu and press the Optionskey. Then select Parameters of SHAREkey, then Command type of SHAREkey.

Consider PlayStation Plus subscription

Subscribing to PlayStation Plus is by no means an obligation, it is entirely possible to use your PS4 console without it. Nevertheless, this option can be interesting since it gives exclusive access to discounts all year round. But also to a selection of free games every month. And as seen previously, the subscription allows your console to make its video game updates when it is in rest mode. Three subscription options are available.

Thus, it is possible to subscribe for 1 month only, for 7.99 euros. Or for a period of 3 months, at a price of 24.99 euros. And finally, the annual subscription costs 59.99 euros. But Sony regularly offers good deals with a cheaper subscription. Also, in November, Sony made PlayStation Plus free for 5 days. Enough to test the service and subscribe to it, or not!

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