Ps4: Downloading Crack Games on the Internet is Now Possible!

Maj. November 8, 2018 at 1:44 pm

The date is to be marked with a white stone: the first cracked PS4 games have just appeared for download on the internet. On September 27th, the Knights of the Fallen, a gang of hackers, released 3 successful video games Grand Theft Auto V, far cry patch 4 and Assassins Creed IV. These 3 games are therefore available for illegal downloading in ROM format.

While an old report from the European Commission attests to the positive impact of illegal downloading on video game sales figures, a gang of hackers has managed the feat of cracking and putting several titles online for the PlayStation 4, Sony’s best-selling console. Even if these games are, in the end, fully playable, you will have to meet certain conditions and make some manipulations.

Grand Theft Auto V, far cry patch 4 and Assassins Creed IV on PS4 available for download on the internet

If you’ve ever cracked a PC game, or if you’ve ever seen someone do it, you’re no stranger to the simplicity of the operation: all you have to do is replace some of the game files with cracks provided by the hackers to be able to play. On PS4, the technique is not as fast. Please be aware that not all Playstation 4’s are compatible with these cracked files. For this you need a console released in August 2014 and equipped with firmware 1.76. If so, do not update your console. It is currently the only firmware that has been jailbroken by hackers.

To install the 3 games put online by the pirates –Grand Theft Auto V(45 GB),far cry patch 4(21 GB) andAssassins Creed IV:Black Flag(27 GB) – you will have to follow the tutorials provided by a site like Psxhax. As with a PC crack, you will have to replace some of the game files via your computer. You will also need to enter some commands on your PC. Once these operations are completed, you will transfer your modified file to a USB key. Psxhax has also put online some indispensable tools for these steps. Once it’s finished, your video game will start. This will obviously be an earlier version of the title.

If you bought your console recently, there’s of course no point in wasting time downloading these 3 games. Your console is not equipped with firmware that has been jailbroken by hackers. So the only solution to play these 3 cracked games is to buy a new – or never updated – console that is before August 2014 !





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