Ps4 Controller on Pc

. Okay, I’ll look into it.  

 in the meantime I made some games tonight (always with imputmapping

) and frankly it’s amazing

it goes too fast

I checked on youteub the psboite versions and clearly there’s a problem of resources with SCP because I had to reduce the speed of the game to match the speed you can have on console

not that it was unplayable but I had the impression of playing fifa 2000 so it was so fast

it was not the case with SCP, the speed of the game (I’m not talking about fluidity) was

but it’s known that pes has always had problems with the configs a little too overkill.  

 so I put SSAA 8x to compensate

 frankly I clearly don’t have the time to test 50 games to determine what’s going on but I think I’ll do a UT linked to the controllers after more investigation and testing (basically I’m implying that I won’t do all of them right away) but since it can concern a lot of people it could be interesting.  

 in the meantime I will continue to reference what I see according to the games I play.  

 if others want to participate they are welcome of course

the goal of the game is above all to find the best soluce in particular concerning the imput lag and the compatibility with other systems than steam in order to propose to everyone the best possible configuration  

 the only conclusion I have right now is that CPS is to be banned

 in any case all feedback on this subject is welcome

both for ps4/3 controllers and third party controllers.  

 ( dsl for the author of the topic but if it’s an opportunity to do something serious it’s a good for a bad

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