The Black Friday promotions are not quite over yet, “Cyber Monday” follows as tradition dictates and most of the offers of the last few days are still available. Are you looking for a good capacity external hard drive? Amazon offers a selection of Seagate products that are worth the detour.

When it comes to external hard drives, you have two main choices: the 2.5-inch format, smaller and mostly computer-powered, perfect for portable use; the 3.5-inch format, larger and additionally powered, but with much larger storage capacities. The performances will be largely similar in both cases, the choice will be made mainly on the expected use.

Here are the 2.5″ portable hard drives on special offer:

  • 1Tb in black plastic : 50 € instead of 80 ;
  • 1Tb with black fabric : 55 € instead of 70 (photo) ;
  • 2Tb in black plastic : 63 € instead of 85 ;
  • 2Tb with black fabric : 70 € instead of 92 ;
  • 4Tb in black plastic : 89 € instead of 146 ;
  • 4Tb in silver plastic: 95 € instead of 120.

Here are the promotions on 3.5″ hard drives:

  • 6Tb black plastic vertical : 100 € instead of 140 ;
  • 8Tb black plastic horizontal : 130 € instead of 210 ;
  • 8Tb in white plastic, with two USB charging ports on the front: 140 € instead of 200 €.

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