[problem] Mms Reception Impossible!

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Good morning,

I had the same problem when I switched to android 4.x.
On gingerbread everything worked fine, though.

Anyway, I just found the solution to my problem.

>> Menu/Settings/Wireless connections/Mobile networks

Make sure that the first lines (Data Roaming, 2G only, 3G only, Disable connections) are not checked.

First, go to Network Operator (or similar)
let your phone search for networks (may take several minutes)
once the networks are found, select the bouygues télécom network, usually written out loud, with an F or France, sometimes seen: Bouygtel France.
Once selected you will have: Recorded on bouygtel France
then Recorded on the network.
You will be automatically redirected to the mobile network settings.

Now we go to Name of Access Points just below.
A single APN is enough for MMS, Internet, Mail

done: Menu / new APN:

Name: Bouygues
APN: mmsbouygtel.com
Proxy MMS:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 208
MNC: 20
Authentication type : PAP
APN Type: internet+mms

For SMS, no configuration required (normally),
otherwise the sms server (or SMSC) is: +33660003000

Restart the phone and everything should work.

Hoping I might have been able to help some of them…




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