Private Sale Freebox Revolution + Tv by Canal Panorama 9,99 / Month for 1 Year

freebox revolution private sale august 2018

Maj. September 6, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. min.

The Freebox Revolution subscription with TV By Canal Panorama option is €9.99 / month for 1 year. The offer has been extended several times and is valid until Sunday 30 September 2018 6:00 am. It is reserved for new customers and offers for less than €10/month full Internet + TV + Telephony access with TV By Canal Panorama option. Zoom in on this new good plan.

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Freebox Revolution Internet subscription with TV By Canal Panorama option for private sale at 9.99 euros per month for 1 year

Do you want to change operator for your internet access? If you take advantage of this new private sale Freebox Revolution + TV by Canal Panorama at 9.99 € / month for 1 year offered exclusively on the vente-privé website until Sunday, September 30, 2018 6h. This is an ideal opportunity to save €360 per year since this subscription is usually charged €39.99/month. For €9.99 you are entitled to the following services:

  • ADSL2+, VDSL 2 or Fibre Internet depending on eligibility
  • Calls to landlines in more than 110 destinations
  • Calls to mobiles in mainland France
  • More than 270 TV channels including Freebox TV and TV by CANAL Panorama channels (50 additional channels included)
  • Access to the myCANAL application
  • Access to Video on Demand
  • Recording and control of live feed
  • 250 GB NAS included & Seedbox
  • Blu-ray player, + 2 Freeplugs

In addition, the TV By Canal Panorama option is included in this private sale. Thanks to the latter, you have full access to all the channels and replay offered by TV by Canal. This access is available directly from your tablet/smartphone or computer via the site or the MyCanal application. Other pay options can be added during the subscription process such as Multi TV (for a second TV set) from €1.99/month or 250 optional pay TV channels offered as a Bouquet or individually (individual channels from €0.25/month) to name but a few.

You must respect a few conditions in order to take advantage of this private sale. The first requirement is to be located in an unbundled area and eligible for television service. You must also have an active telephone line. Also, the offer is reserved only for new customers and subject to a 12-month commitment.

This means that you must not have subscribed to a fixed offer from Free (Freebox or Alicebox) within 30 days prior to such subscription. If applicable, a reactivation fee of €100 will be charged as well as an immediate switch to the Revolution Freebox package with TV by CANAL Panorama at €39.99/month applied to the subscriber. Finally, you should know that setup fees are offered and that 49 € cancellation fees from your previous operator are to be expected.

You can take advantage of a refund offer of up to €100 on your cancellation fees and the remaining months of your subscription, invoiced by your previous operator. After 12 months, without any action on your part, the subscription price automatically increases to €39.99/month. By subscribing to this offer, you benefit from the preferential rates offered to Freebox subscribers Thus, when you subscribe to a Free mobile 2h subscription, you will pay €0 instead of €2 or €15.99 instead of €19.99 for the 4G unlimited 100GB plan.

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