Prince Andrew’s team ‘sought help to discredit Virginia Roberts’

One of Prince Andrew’s aides turned on an online troll (Image: Get Images).

Helpers Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson contacted the online troll and asked him to help them discredit the Duke of York’s alleged sexual victim.

The Mail reported Sunday that aides sent an email to Molly Sky Brown – a former model who had tweeted Ms Roberts for months – asking for a brief chat.

They hoped that Ms. Brown, 42, had information that would help Prince Andrew prove that the photo of her hand next to Ms. Brown’s was a photo of her. Roberts, 17, was redacted.

Ms. Brown said she helped the team with some of the evidence and then forwarded the text messages and emails to the FBI.

Roberts claims that pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislain Maxwell forced her to have sex with Andrew on three occasions, and says the photo was taken on one of those occasions in 2001.

Duke, 60, has consistently denied the allegations and all other allegations of misconduct.

The 14th. In December, Ferguson’s assistant, Antonia Marshall, sent an email to Ms. Ferguson. Brown:  Hi Molly, I work for the Duchess of York and I was wondering if you had time to tweet about the possibility of changing the Duke’s photo at some point. Thanks for the online support!

Ms Roberts says the photo was taken when she was forced to have sex with Duke in 2001 (Photo: Rex Features)

Ms. Ferguson’s trusted assistant, Antonia Marshall, sent Ms. Brown a letter on the 14th. December email.

Ms Brown stated that she had spoken to Ms Marshall about her concerns regarding the photo on WhatsApp.

Further, she says that Mrs. Marshall had asked her if they should open a spy account, but Sunday at the Post notes that Mrs. Marshall does not remember that conversation.

The 15th. The month of December sent Mrs. Marshall a message to Mrs. Maroon: One of York’s family counselors, Mark Gallagher, would like to talk to you.

Mr Gallagher, the Duke’s Public Relations expert, then informed Ms Brown via WhatsApp : Molly. I want to talk to you in this round about the important distinction you made between survivors and – in fact – accomplices. That’s exactly right.

It seems to be referring to Ms. Brown to Ms. Roberts last October when she accused her of being a middleman for Epstein.

Duke’s public relations expert referred to Ms. Brown v. Ms. Roberts.

Ms. M. Brown referred to Ms. Roberts as mediator.

Roberts publicly denied Brown’s allegations against her and has since blocked her on Twitter for spreading lies.

Spokespeople for Duke declined to comment on Ms. Haley’s phone call Brown, according to the Mail on Sunday.

But an anonymous source close to the prince told the newspaper that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the exchange and that there was nothing beyond the initial discussion.

Miss Brown claims the photo is fake, but she says the Duke’s team she was courting was desperate. She also claims that Maxwell tried to recruit her as a masseuse when she was 14 years old.

Maxwell, 58, has been charged with trafficking in underage girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation and seduction of minors. She denied all the allegations against her.

Prince Andrew was forced to resign his royal duties and give up his charity patronage after allegations from Mrs Roberts. The FBI is still trying to question him about his relationship with Epstein. has also contacted Duke representatives for feedback.

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