Prime Day, Video, Music, Twitch What Are the Real Advantages of Amazon Prime (Premium) in France?

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  • Prime Day, Video, Music, Twitch… what are the real advantages of Amazon Prime (Premium) in France?

In France, Amazon Prime is a subscription that includes a range of services. Fast delivery is just one brick among many other options, known or unknown.

Updated on 4 July 2019 with new Prime offers and information on Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime is a sprawling service in France. Rapid delivery is just one of the many components of this Premium offer, which today ranges from video games to culture and services.

To this strange commercial concept where you have to pay to buy, a kind of private club of online ordering, Amazon has added enough bricks to make it one of the most complete subscriptions in France. And at the price at which it is offered, even a person who does not order from Amazon might be tempted to, for example, its SVoD service, which has a good catalogue and popular originals.

Finally, Amazon Prime is access to Prime Day, the summer sales event that offers some of the best deals on a very wide selection of products every year. Every year, Numerama guides you to find the best maps and avoid the tricks.

Amazon Prime is available for 49 euros per year (with a free, no obligation, 30-day trial).

Amazon Prime Benefits

The basic Amazon Reward offer could be summed up in one sentence: faster and free delivery for products purchased online at Amazon. But the list of options added to the Premium Pack is long – perhaps one of them could justify the €4 per month that Jeff Bezos’ company is asking for.

  • Amazon Drive and Prime Photos: the service is little known but the Prime offer gives access to 5 GB of online storage for documents, videos and photos like any other cloud service. And it also opens access to Prime Photos, an unlimited photo storage service similar to Google Photos

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Amazon Prime Video

  • Amazon Prime Video: In France, Prime subscribers have unlimited Free access to Amazon’s streaming catalogue. The latter contains hundreds of films in SVoD and above all excellent series made by Amazon such as a nice part of the MK2 catalogue,Transparent, Good Omens, I Love Dick orThe Man in the High Castle. Note that if you invite people to share your Prime subscription, they will not have access to Prime Video only the main account is entitled to it.
  • Amazon Prime Now: Prime Now is a fast delivery service, mainly for food – the catalogue contains some cultural or technological references. It basically allows you to do your weekly errands through an app instead of waiting in line at the checkout. The vegetables are organic and the products are delivered by professionals, in refrigerated bags. Bonus: you can also order Bio C Bon, Monoprix and Truffaut on Prime Now, under the same conditions.
  • Prime Music: films, series, books, video games… and music. Yes, Amazon hasof Spotify, one version of which is included in the subscription in France exclusively. It obviously allows you to play music on Alexa devices. Please note, however, that this is not Prime Music Unlimited: you will have a quota of commercial-free hours and other limitations with this version of the service.
  • Audible: Amazon’s audiobook service offers two books to Premium Members.
  • Twitch Prime: Amazon’s takeover of the Twitch video platform enables the giant to offer its Prime subscribers advantages. So the old Twitch Turbo offer is now available to any Reward subscriber for free if they connect their Twitch account to their Amazon account. The advantages of Twitch Prime are interesting for players: they give access to free games, a free channel subscription, and the playback of all videos without advertising. In particular, Twitch Prime provided a free Nintendo Online subscription.

CC/Flickr/Stock Catalog

CC/Flickr/Stock Catalog

  • New modes of delivery: Prime gives access to other modes of delivery than one-day delivery. You can have access to discounts on Express deliveries and deliveries on the evening of the purchase in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence for €4.99 (or free for more than €25 purchase). This also gives access to à la carte delivery for €1.99.
  • Prime Reading, the KindleLending Library: For all users of the Kindle Digital Reader or App, a Prime account will allow you to borrow up to 10 books per month from the library.
  • Flash Sales: Amazon connoisseurs are on the lookout for flash sales that offer limited stocks of products at an attractive price. Reward subscribers have access to these 30 minutes prior to the time of availability to all customers.
  • Sharing Benefits: A Reward Subscriber may share his or her account and benefits with two members of his or her household. To invite a person to take advantage of their subscription, you have to go to their account and proceed with the invitation. The person will need to know your date of birth to confirm.
  • Amazon Family: If you have a child, you can set their profile with their age in your account to access targeted promotions including a permanent promotion for all parents on diapers at -20%.

Prime Day

Amazon is one of the few e-merchants to have managed to imposeon its sales day in the hex. And maybe it’s good for the customers: Prime Day is without a doubt, along with BLACK FRIDAY one of the most interesting events on the good side, especially for tech.

Amazon, on the other hand, is no exception to the barred price technique, and discounted references are not even worth it – because they have no value. That’s why, every year, we try to accompany our readers with buying guides and a follow-up of the best offers, on the site and on our social networks

In 2019, Prime Day will take place on July 15 and 16: we will be on the bridge.

Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime

Amazon’s fee-based service will renew your subscription each year after your initial subscription. However, if you do not unsubscribe, you will pay the €49 annual fee for being a Prime member.

To stop your subscription, you must log in and go to the My Account page. Then in Your Settings, you will find the heading Amazon Prime Manage My Settings. Next, you will find the option on the left side of the page called End of Membership. You then need to confirm to complete your Reward subscription. Not simple.

Article originally published on 16 July 2018

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