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Prestige Raid Lairs, 6v6, Armor changes, more

Prestige Raid Lairs, 6v6, Armor changes, more

By Stephany Nunneley,
Tuesday, 17 July 2018 18:47 GMT

Future 2 replace 1.2.three is stay and brings with it Prestige Raid Lairs, Bounties, Unique armor modifications, Crucible updates, 6v6 Fast Play, and far more.

Future 2 gamers will discover modifications to Crucible Ranks and the Crucible Playlist at the moment, the return of Bounties, help for clan chat on PC, further Unique armor tuning and far more.

As we beforehand informed you, gamers have the Solstice of Heroes occasion to sit up for on July 31. Moments of Triumph began earlier this month as a lead up, and MoT Bounties might be made obtainable in-game for the Solstice of Heroes occasion.

The Solstice of Heroes occasion may even be be the one method to purchase degree 400 energy armor, earlier than the Forsaken enlargement hits in September. Bungie will present more particulars on the occasion nearer to launch.

With out additional ado, right here’s the patch notes for Future 2 replace 1.2.three.

Destiny 2 update 1.2.3

Future 2 replace 1.2.three

Solstice of Heroes

Moments of Triumph

  • Moments of Triumph bounties will develop into obtainable in-game for the Solstice of Heroes occasion beginning July 31, 2018.
    • Gamers might entry a set variety of Triumphs on Bungie.internet previous to the occasion starting.
    • Gamers can full Triumphs to earn factors that they will commerce for rewards similar to emblems, a Sparrow, and a code to buy a particular T-shirt.
  • When the summer time occasion turns into obtainable on July 31, 2018, gamers can obtain these Triumph bounties from the particular summer time occasion vendor and could have everything of the occasion to finish them.
  • Triumphs are based mostly on account-specific knowledge; as soon as a Triumph has been claimed and redeemed for factors, it can’t be claimed for factors on one other character.
  • All Triumphs could be tracked by way of bungie.internet; the very best values of a personality on that account can be displayed.
  • In-game rewards will develop into out there on July 31, 2018.



  • 5 Crucible bounties a day will now be obtainable from Shaxx.
  • 5 Vanguard bounties a day will now be obtainable from Zavala.
  • These bounties rotate on a day by day cadence.
  • Bounties can expire after you acquire them. Expiration of particular person bounties is proven within the tooltip.

Unique Masterworks

  • Catalysts for Legend of Acrius, Telesto, and Sleeper Simulant at the moment are obtainable as rewards from Prestige “Leviathan,” Prestige “Leviathan, Eater of Worlds,” and Prestige “Leviathan, Spire of Stars,” respectively.
  • Unique catalysts from Heroic strikes now have barely larger drop possibilities.
  • The Skyburner’s Oath Unique catalyst from the “Leviathan” raid now has barely greater drop possibilities.
  • The catalyst for Sturm can now be discovered by defeating enemies on Nessus.

Miscellaneous High quality-of-Life Modifications

  • Adjusted Escalation Protocol weapon reward possibilities to be more deterministic.
    • Gamers enhance their possibilities every time they defeat the boss.
  • As soon as all Mercury Forge weapons have been obtained, they turn into out there for direct buy from Brother Vance within the Lighthouse (second vendor web page).
  • Momentum has been faraway from Heroic adventures.
  • The “Pursuits” stock bucket has been moved to the highest of Stock classes.
  • Fastened a problem the place unequippable emotes might be chosen.
  • Fastened a problem the place no sound would play on growing and reducing the handicap on Problem Playing cards.
  • Commas have been added to giant numbers as separators on the IGCR and PGCR.
  • Fastened a problem which prevented the Season three Lifeless Orbit Gauntlet Decoration from receiving progress from Arcstriders utilizing the Method of the Warrior subclass tree.
  • Armor might now be bought from Iron Banner and Faction Rallies distributors.


Strike Modifiers

  • Blackout: Now will increase enemy melee injury considerably however is not a assured one-shot kill for all gamers.
  • Glass: Barely lowered the well being and defend penalty.
  • Grounded: Considerably decreased incoming injury if you end up airborne, to account for odd geometry that Guardians might not have any management over.

Developer Perception: The aim is to make sure these modifiers are noticeable, however when Guardians advance their Energy and stats, they will discover themselves overcoming the debuffs.


  • The Dusk tutorial expertise for brand spanking new gamers has been up to date to not name out pre-1.1.three Dusk mechanics.



  • Fastened a problem that was stopping some gamers from accessing Mars adventures.
  • Fastened a problem that prompted some open world chests on Mars to not drop Glimmer or Mars tokens.
  • Fastened a problem which prevented prophecy supplies for Brother Vance from dropping from chests discovered on Mars.

Destiny 2 update 1.2.3


Unique Armor Updates

  • Hunter
    • Fortunate Raspberry
      • Elevated the prospect to completely recharge Arcbolt Grenade on Arcbolt Grenade hits.
      • Now ensures a full recharge when Arcbolt Grenade hits 4 targets.
    • St0mp-EE5
      • Elevated advantages when utilizing Strafe Leap and Triple Leap.
    • Younger Ahamkara’s Backbone
      • Now additionally improves Tripmine Grenade’s blast radius and throw velocity, and makes your Tripmine Grenades more durable to destroy.
      • Photo voltaic capacity hits now grant some Tripmine Grenade power (33%).
      • Added new FX remedy to the improved Tripmine Grenades to distinguish them from regular Tripmine Grenades.
      • Eliminated target-marking performance.
  • Titan
    • ACD/zero Suggestions Fence
      • Now grants Fury Conductor stacks on melee hits as an alternative of kills.
      • Now reduces melee injury acquired when you have stacks of Fury Conductor.
      • More stacks of Fury Conductor additional scale back melee injury acquired.
    • Doom Fang Pauldrons
      • Void melee kills now grant more Tremendous power.
      • Defend Throw hits now grant Tremendous power.
    • Dunemarchers
      • Lowered the time to activate Linear Actuators when you’re sprinting to 1.5 seconds (down from 5 seconds).
      • Elevated the injury of the chain lightning impact (+70% in PvP, 440% in PvE).
  • Warlock
    • Crown of Tempests
      • Collapsed the whole variety of stacks of Conduction Tines to three (with the identical complete impact).
      • Conduction Tines now additionally reduces the velocity that Tremendous power depletes whereas Stormtrance is lively.
    • Karnstein Armlets
      • Melee kills now immediately heal you, then grant steady therapeutic for eight seconds.
      • Eliminated bonus resilience, mobility, and enemy highlights on melee kills.
    • Starfire Protocol
      • Empowered weapon injury hits now grant some Fusion Grenade power (20%).


  • Plasteel Reinforcement Mod now consists of “Trait” in its tooltip, to have conformity with Restorative and Mobility Enhancement Mods.
  • Corrected stowed Hand Cannon place on the Haakon’s Iron Strides decoration.
  • Dragon’s Shadow now has an audio cue when it reloads your weapons.
  • Up to date tooltip presentation of some Warmind Unique armor merchandise intrinsic perks.
  • Up to date the perk description for Sanguine Alchemy to raised mirror its performance.
  • Fastened a problem that was inflicting targets marked by Sanguine Alchemy to supply orbs when defeated.
  • Fastened a problem that triggered Wraithmetal Mail’s lively perk to seem within the UI with out an icon.
  • Fastened a problem that induced Starfire Protocol to not work with the Dawnblade Attunement of Sky means path.
  • Fastened a problem that prevented Warlock melee assault injury when gamers have been utilizing the Ophidian Facet Unique and Hive Swords or orb carry objects.


  • Fastened a problem for top framerates on PC that prompted gamers to abruptly lose momentum after activating Supers and aerial dodge talents.

Unique Weapons

  • Elevated the variety of rounds granted to Crimson on respawn.


  • Fastened a problem that allowed empty swords to drop heavy ammo bricks on dying within the Crucible.
  • Fastened the Speedy-Hearth Body intrinsic perk on Basilisk (Lifeless Orbit Shotgun).
  • Fastened a problem that impacted the recoil of West of Sunfall 7 and the Trials of the 9 Hand Cannon, A Chilly Sweat.
  • Fastened a problem inflicting the Iron Banner Hand Cannon, Finite Impactor, to not correctly monitor Masterwork statistics.


Prestige Raid Lairs

  • Every week, there’s a curated weapon suite and a worldwide exercise modifier for  and Eater of Worlds Prestige. The weapon set and modifier would be the similar throughout each actions.
    • Prestige Eater of Worlds will turn out to be obtainable at 11 a.m. PDT on July 17, 2018.
    • Prestige Spire of Stars will develop into obtainable at 10 a.m. PDT on July 18, 2018.
  • Prestige raid lairs will drop weapons at 400 Energy and Unique catalysts.
  • Raid armor ornaments will turn into unlockable.


  • Fastened a problem which prevented Hunters from receiving some loot chest rewards within the Spire of Stars raid lair.


Clan Chat

  • Provides a brand new in-game textual content chat channel that permits on-line Future 2 clan members to speak (in actual time). This chat channel is separate from the companion clan chat channel.

Director Map PC (Mouse) Consumer Expertise

  • Scrolling space lowered to the sides of the sport window.
  • Cursor is now restricted to recreation window when a map is lively (mouse seize).
  • Edge scrolling now freezes when recreation window loses focus.


  • Fastened a problem which brought on bluetooth headphones to not play sound correctly on some PC configurations.


Iron Banner Updates

  • The Iron Banner recreation mode now makes use of Iron Temple hearth pits as seize zones as an alternative of ordinary Management flags.
  • Added new Energy Play guidelines distinctive to Iron Banner:
    • Upon capturing a 3rd zone, all three zones lock for 20 seconds.
    • After 20 seconds, all three zones reset to impartial and have to be recaptured.
  • Added new audio for hearth pits and Energy Play alerts.
  • Up to date rating and cut-off dates to match normal Management now that Quickplay can also be 6v6.

Personal Match Bug Fixes

  • Personal Match is not out there to trial customers.

Crucible Lab Replace

  • Added “BETA” to the exercise tooltip.
  • Added help for more Labs sooner or later.
  • Added end-of-match rewards.

Crucible Playlist Replace

  • Quickplay
    • Elevated participant configuration to 6v6 and up to date playlist description.
    • Eliminated Supremacy.
    • Up to date Conflict win rating to 100.
    • Up to date Management win rating to 150.
    • Management Zones are initially impartial.
  • Aggressive
    • Up to date playlist description.
    • Countdown: Bomb Fuse timer lowered from 40 seconds to 35 seconds.
  • Rumble is now out there full-time.
  • Supremacy is now a rotating 6v6 playlist with a rating to win of 150.

Crucible Ranks Replace

  • Gamers can now earn Valor Rank from the next playlists:
    • Aggressive
    • Crucible Labs
    • Iron Banner
  • Becoming a member of a recreation in progress now protects your Valor Win Streak for that recreation.
    • In the event you lose: No penalties incurred to your Valor Win Streak.
    • For those who win: Valor Win Streak will increase.
  • Gamers will now be matched utilizing their Glory Rank.
    • This implies your opponents might be of comparable rank to you.
    • The upper you climb, the harder the opponent!
  • Glory Loss Streaks have been re-tuned to be much less punishing over time.
    • Consecutive losses now lower the Rank Factors misplaced as an alternative of accelerating.
    • Streaks nonetheless cap out at 5.
  • All Rank Streaks not reset as soon as they hit their cap.
  • Fastened a bug the place Rank Up toasts weren’t firing as soon as a participant hit orbit.
  • Fastened a bug the place gamers who logged into a personality for the primary time after a weekly reset would incur the Glory Rank weekly award/penalty.
  • Fastened a bug the place gamers have been incorrectly listening to the rank factors improve/lower sounds the place there was no rank hooked up to the exercise.


  • Miscellaneous changes to extend the readability of enemy audio cues throughout all modes.



Summer time Occasion Engram

  • During Solstice of Heroes, gamers will earn a bonus Solstice Engram with every Prototype Engram earned via Prestige level-up.
  • When decrypting Solstice Engrams, gamers will obtain new gadgets till they’ve unlocked all gadgets within the field. As soon as all gadgets have been acquired, further Solstice Engrams will award duplicate gadgets. Gamers might monitor what gadgets they’ve earned from the Solstice Engram by means of the engram’s preview.
  • New merchandise sort: armor glows. Gamers who earn the Solstice of Heroes armor units might use armor glows obtained from Eververse or the Solstice Engram.
    • Armor glows illuminate parts of the Solstice of Heroes armor and shine brightest when the factor of the armor glow and the Guardian’s subclass align.
    • As soon as obtained, armor glows could also be used and re-used on any Solstice of Heroes armor piece, no matter class.
  • Throughout Solstice of Heroes, gamers might buy event-exclusive gadgets from Eververse for Vibrant Mud.

Prismatic Matrix

  • The Prismatic Matrix has been briefly eliminated. It can return in Season four.
  • Prismatic sides have been deprecated. Dismantling deprecated Prismatic sides will grant Vibrant Mud.


HDR Calibration

  • Provides a calibration display for HDR on all platforms. It may be accessed by way of the Brightness video setting when HDR is turned on.

GDPR Compliance

  • Up to date LSLA display in bootflow, together with hyperlink to GDPR assets.

Merchandise Preview Updates

  • Gamers can preview spawn results and Sparrow contrails of their stock.

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