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Prepositions are little words that show where things are on the page. These little words also tell us how to say things in other languages. This activity will help your kids learn about Prepositions.  They will have fun!

You can teach your kids the same things at every age. Here we will learn the basic prepositions for kids, examples and some worksheets for prepositions . You can print the prepositions worksheet, and then follow the steps to make the worksheet your child will love.

of prepositions for children : A preposition is a word that comes before a noun (or pronoun) and expresses a relationship between that noun (or pronoun) and part of the rest of the sentence. or Another definition: A preposition is a word used before a noun or pronoun to indicate its relationship to other words in a sentence. Read the following examples –

  1. There’s a bridge across the river.
  2. I’m afraid of lizards.

In the sentences above, the underlined words indicate the relationship between a noun or pronoun and a person or object.

  1. Where’s the bridge? Across the river.
  2. That I’m afraid of lizards.

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List of prepositions for children


From в at
for с online
online inquiries at
о as в
For example, via à
at between from
vs. at without
à at the address via
at via via

Some Useful Prepositions

Here we have a list of prepositions concerning time and date, travel and displacement, place.

Time and date:

In, on, at, through, from, to, during, before, since, before, etc. at sunrise, at sunset, at supper. Example: The train leaves at 10. Wednesday, Diwali, 15. August, Example: All the guests arrived on Christmas Eve. In August, during the summer holidays in the morning. Example: I can get my work done in an hour.

Driving and displacing:

of, to, by, on, in, at, from, etc. We travel by bus, car, boat, plane, bicycle and on foot, Example: We traveled by bus from one place to another.


at, in, on, under, over, between, at, under, behind, over, along, etc. We live in the countryside, in a small village, on a farm. At is used to refer to places, usually small towns and villages. In is used for countries and large cities, Examples: Radha lives in a suburb of England.

Exercise with prepositions


Amit is an inattentive boy and has made some mistakes while copying the next passage for the book. There’s an error in every line. Underline each error and write corrections in the space provided.

  • One day, Vimal came to the pharmacy and said, _____.
  • Do you have anything for a headache? _____.
  • The pharmacist took the bottle inside _____.
  • He held it up to Vimal’s nose and pulled the plug. _____.
  • The smell was so strong that Vimal couldn’t stand it.
  • What did you do? He asked. I almost choked.
  • But have medications not cured your headaches? _____
  • You idiot! It was my mother who suffered from headaches. _____

All the words you replaced above are prepositions.

Exercise 2

Underline the prepositions in the following sentences.

  1. Kolkata is situated on the banks of the river Hooghly.
  2. He was in the crowd.
  3. We took shelter under a tree.
  4. Divide the chocolate between the two girls.
  5. The old man stays in bed all day.
  6. I really like ice cream
  7. They visited Paris during the summer holidays
  8. They’re talking about the football game.
  9. India will take on Pakistan in the world cup
  10. We paddled around the lake.

Exercise 3

Underline the correct prepositions –

  1. Our plane is flying (around, above) the clouds.
  2. There is a new bookstore at the end of the street (by, between).
  3. Tom runs (with, after) his dog.
  4. Shekhar walks (with, along) the waterfront.
  5. The snowball rolls (up, down) down the slope.
  6. He got a bike from his parents for his birthday.
  7. The mouse was killed (together, with the help) of our servant.
  8. A stool stands (between, between) two tables.
  9. Pour the soup (into, into) a pitcher.
  10. He belongs to a poor family.

Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions.

  1. My apologies to _____ for the delay.
  2. He comes from a poor family _____
  3. He walked on _____ the bank of the river.
  4. Take _____ sugar in a large jar.
  5. He walked on _____ the bank of the river.
  6. I start my new job tomorrow _____.
  7. She lives in _____ Dadar Mumbai.
  8. Take _____ your coat.
  9. Her birthday is on Monday _____.
  10. Priyanka bought the dress herself _____.

Exercise 5

In the following sentences a word is missing in each line. Write the words in the space provided. Examples: Rana Sanga was King / Mewar (OF)

  1. I greeted him by crossing my arms.
  2. My parents let me have a party.
  3. Aunt Polly asked for some silk thread.
  4. I invited my friends over for dinner.
  5. One day, Rahul went to the park with his dog.

Exercise 6

Atul – Where are you going, Kapil? Kapil – I am going to _____ to the market. Atul – What are you going to buy in the market _____? Kapil – I’m buying jeans _____ my little sister. Atul – What is your sister’s name, _____? My sister’s name is Archana. She is in her fourth year at _____. She loves to dance _____. She is very good at learning _____. Atul – Say hello to your sister _____ from me. Kapil – I will, but she doesn’t talk to strangers _____.

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