Popular yet Dangerous Lawn Care Practices You Need to Stop Immediately

Sometimes, it is better to break conventions rebelliously. Sometimes, it is not safe to do it just like the others. This typically applies to your lawn maintenance. There are a handful of widespread lawn care tips that are more havoc than good; perfectly masking their inappropriateness in their popularity.

Here are some popular yet dangerous lawn care practices you should stop ASAP.

The Use of Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers are two-edged swords. Although they are designed to produce quick, amazing results, they come with varying levels of destruction in the long term.

For one, synthetic fertilizers are known to cause lingering environmental damage owing to its synthetic compounds which do not biodegrade quickly. These compounds find their way through the soil to water sources and eventually cause water pollution. They also make the topsoil acidic, effectively unbalancing the ecosystem.

Secondly, studies have shown that synthetic fertilizers can be harmful to human health. They are known to increase the risk of developing cancer in adults and children; adversely affecting the fetal immune, nervous, and endocrine systems.

So, although synthetic fertilizers are popularly used for lawn management, you should stop using them because they are harmful to your health and the environment. If you are a lawn owner in the Chesterfield area, getting valuable advice from a lawn care services in chesterfield va on which type of manure to use will be in your best interest.

Applying Weed Killers

Weed killers or herbicides are used famously for managing lawns. However, they are also extremely dangerous to your health and the environment because of the toxic compounds that they contain.

Studies show that when exposed to these compounds, skin irritation, oral pain, airway irritation, nausea, and vomiting occur even when the extent of exposure is mild. Severe levels of exposure have been known to cause congenital disabilities, lung cancer, neurotoxicity, renal and endocrine complications. This ultimately results in death in some cases.

Weed killers are also known to kill “beneficial” weeds like clover. The latter enhances soil nutrition by replenishing the soil with nitrogen extracted from the air and transferred to the soil. Depleted soil nitrogen levels affect plant life and by extension, the ecosystem.

Lawn Mower Accidents

Lawnmowers are machines used for cutting the grass of lawns. Although they are designed to be used safely, lawn mowers are responsible for several hundreds of amputations, burns and several other injuries that result from falls and lawn mower accidents.

Then there are the more severe injuries that result from objects that hit the spinning blade of the mowers and carry enough force to be harmful. If you are in the Chesterfield area, it is a better choice not to risk these accidents by getting lawn care services chesterfield va to fix your grass for you.

Using Insecticides

One other infamous means of lawn management is the application of chemical insecticides. The use of synthetic insecticide is akin to poisoning oneself. The only addition this time is that you also poison your children, neighbors, pets, and the environment at large.

Chemical insecticides used on lawns are known to cause leukemia, development disorders, cancers, and organ damage in humans, especially children who tend to absorb more of these harmful substances than adults. Insecticides are also said to be responsible for the deaths of millions of birds all over the world.

Beautiful lawns don’t always fall from heaven. They are the most times the handiwork of lawn maintenance experts who know their onions and can work their magic. Picture Perfect Lawn transforms your outdoor elegance with the most beguiling lawns that makes a palace out of every home.

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