Pokmon Pe and Shield: What to Do After the Main Adventure?

Let’s face it, the whole point of Pokémon games is post-league. It’s a good thing, after defeating the Masters of Galar, a whole new set of opportunities are opening up for players in Sword and Shield

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Purists may not like it, but Pokémon Sword and Shield, while full of flaws, is still a fun adventure to explore from start to finish. But while some will be satisfied with the short 20 hours it takes to complete the main story, most players know that it’s only after the league is beaten that things really start . Whether it’s filling up your Pokédex or putting together the perfect team for online battles, the game’s lifespan is considerably extended when you look at the multitude of sidequests available.

Get Salameche and Type:0

After the end credits, the first thing to do, of course, is to collect the few unpublished Pokémon donated by the NPCs as a reward for our hard work. In Nabil’s parents’ house in Paddoxton, a Pokéball containing a Salamèche is waiting for you in the middle of Tarak’s room. By making it evolve into Dracaufeu, the latter will benefit from the same Gigamax evolution as the champion.

To retrieve Type:0, go to Winscor north of Galar. In the Fighting Tower, the NPC on the left will offer you the Pokémon, capable of evolving into Silvallié after you’ve made him as happy as possible. Once in the Battle Tower, you can also take advantage of the move to face the various trainers present, and thus obtain Battle Points (PCo), exchangeable in the shop, as well as Super Candies.

Reviving Fossil Pokémon









As in any good Pokémon game, Sword and Shield offers you to revive fossils to obtain several newmonsters. This year, there are four types (Bird, Dragon, Fins and Fish) to be combined to revive Galvagon (Bird + Dragon), Galvagla (Bird + Fins), Hydragon (Fish + Dragon) or Hydragla (Fish + Fins). To do this, head to Route 6 just before the Specialist NPC, then to the Pokémon Center in Old Chister to collect four stones, which will depend in part on your version of the game. For Sword you will get at least the Dragon and Bird fossils, while for Shield you will get at least the Fish and Fin fossils. The missing fossils will then be found for 500 Watts thanks to the intervention of the Trou Brothers NPCs, present at the Wild Lands near the Daycare. Note thatno fossil seems to be exclusive to any particularversion, so it is possible to retrieve all four Pokémon without trading.

Find Zacian or Zamazenta

To truly complete Galar’s Pokédex, you must of course obtain his legendary monster. After the end of the game, go to the Sleepwood forest with the shield and the rusty sword given by Nassim. Drop the items in the woods and you will get Sonya’s book, and after a series of confrontations with your rival and two new characters, Zacian or Zamazenta will appear depending on your version of the game. It’s time to call upon the Master Ball offered earlier in the game by Professor Magnolia.

Get all special evolutions

In order to complete your Pokédex 100%, you need to evolve all Pokémon to their final form. If some simply need to progress in level, the exercise is sometimes a little more complex for others. In addition to the monsters of the previous generations subjected to the now traditional evolutionary stones, there are also new special conditions.

  • Pomdrapi > Use a Sour Apple on Verpom
  • Dratatin > Using a Sweet Apple on Verpom
  • Salarsen (algae form) > Reach level 30 with Toxizap (Bizarre, Brave, Docile, Foolish, Bold, Jovial, Cowardly, Malignant, Rude, Bad, Naive, Pressed or Rigid Nature)
  • Salarsen (severe form) > Reach level 30 with Toxizap (Assertive, Calm, Discreet, Gentle, Kind, Modest, Prudent, Chaste, Relaxed, Serious, Solo or Shy)
  • Polthégeist > Using a Cracked Teapot or a Chipped Teapot on a Belfast Teapot
  • Darumacho (Galar form) > Using an Ice Stone on Darumarond de Galar
  • Charmilly (63 possible shapes) > Give a sweet object to Crémy (Sugar Strawberry, Sugar Berry, Sugar Heart, Sugar Star, Sugar Clover, Sugar Flower, Sugar Ribbon) and turn the Joy-Con in a special way (nine possibilities)
  • Krakos > Level up Poulpaf after learning the Provoc attack.
  • Palarticho > Make 3 criticisms in one fight with Canarticho de Galar
  • Tutétékri > Receiving 49 damage VPs without a KO with Tutafeh de Galar and passing under the stone arch of the Sand Pit in the Wild Lands.
  • Beldeneige > Going up one level at night with Frissonille while having a maximum of friendship

Hunting the Shiny

As we know, the probability of running into a Shiny Pokémon in the game is particularly low (1 chance in 2048). However, after completing your Pokédex 100%, it is possible to retrieve item Chroma Charm, which considerably increases your chances of encountering a Chroma Monster (1 chance in 1024). The latter can be found in Ludester, in the Hotel Iona. The game director is waiting for you in the second room on the left, and will offer you the precious item in addition to a Stability Charm, which helps to promote critical catches.

Once you’ve recovered the Chroma Charm, all you have to do is apply the good old chaining technique, which consists of chaining fights (usually about 30 on average) with the same species of wild Pokémon. Unlike Pokémon Let’s Go, you need to trigger a battle with a Pokémon to find out whether it’s chromatic or not. Note that for this eighth generation, a new breed of Super Shiny seems to have been discovered. Much rarer than classical chromatics (1 chance out of 65,536), the latter have different colours, and are visibly characterized by a symbol, no longer in the form of a star, but a square.

Filling up your Curry-Dex

Another nice activity once the Pokédex is filled, it is possible to complete your Curry-Dex with about a hundred available recipes. By cooking the right ingredients in Poké-Camping, and offering the recipes you get to a Pokémon, you can earn XP, PVs, or even befriend them.

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