Pokemon Go Cheats 2021 | Spoofing, Botting & More

Pokemon Go Cheats 2021, you can not only catch different Pokemons, but also automate the process. You should know that if you use cheats that Niantic does not approve of, you risk having your account permanently banned. If you still want to try out the cheat codes or hacks in Pokemon Go, read the following.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

We’ll start by listing the least harmful cheats you can use in Pokemon Go, and we’ll keep raising the bar. Remember, if you are discovered to be using Pokemon Go Cheats 2021, your account will be banned and you will never be able to use it again.

Sharing an account with a person living abroad

While you can’t hunt Pokemons across the country, players share their accounts with foreign players to get rare and location-specific Pokemons in Pokemon Go. Although Niantic doesn’t allow players to use shared accounts, it’s still considered a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021.

You can send your contact information to your friends abroad and let them do the work for you. If you do this often enough, your starting point will definitely inform Niantic and get you banned.

Auto Checkers IV Pokémon Go Chits 2021

Auto IV Checkers are third-party applications that let you know the IV of your Pokemon. While you can only judge Pokémon by their CP value, the IV value tells you if it’s worth investing in candy and evolving the Pokémon.

Using third-party applications is prohibited for Pokemon Go and is considered cheating by Niantic. You increase the risk of your account being banned, but this is a way to find out the IV of a particular Pokemon.

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You can launch third-party apps and travel the world by geospoofing in Pokemon Go, and if you guessed, yes, it’s Pokemon Go Cheat 2021, which Niantic doesn’t approve of. Niantic designed the game to encourage walking and exploration, but spoofing allows you to have your character travel all over the world to catch Pokemon.

Many accounts have already been suspended for using geo spoofing. We don’t recommend using it, but you can use it to catch Pokemon in multiple locations.


The worst and most serious form of Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 – Botting lets your character do all the work while you can concentrate on other things, keeping your character on the run by catching Pokemon in the background through the third-party application.

Many players have used this technique to increase the number of Pokémon to later trade for a lot of candy and upgrade the Pokémon they want.

If you get caught with a bot, Niantic will definitely prevent you from playing Pokemon Go again, and you’ll lose all your progress and everything that comes with the game.

These are all the Pokemon Go cheats that will be used in 2021. If you don’t want to cheat, check out how to catch glowing hippos in Pokemon Go here on .

frequently asked questions

Can you still make jokes in Pokemon Go 2020?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to install a separate GPS spoofing application, as Surfshark is the only VPN that integrates GPS spoofing.

Is it still possible to cheat in Pokemon?

Pokémon Koz cheats: Identity Theft Since Pokemon Go is based on your actual location, you can mimic your location to go anywhere and catch rare Pokemons, even if they are thousands of miles away. Niantic has started hacking it, so do it at your own risk; we don’t recommend it!

How do I get unlimited Pokeballs in Pokemon go?

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