POE Patch Notes Today 3.14.1 Update For PS4, Xbox May 3,2021

of the most anticipated updates to Path of Exile is here. The 3.14.1 update brings several changes that are sure to please and frustrate players equally. A massive list of changes are listed in the patch notes, so let’s go over the highlights:

The Path of Exile team has announced that tomorrow (May 3, 2021) they will release update 3.14.1 for the PS4 and Xbox One. The patch notes are still forthcoming, but we do know that the update will address the recent desync issues that have been affecting console players. The team has also put out a list of other changes and bug fixes that we should expect to see in the update. Update: The patch notes have been released and can be found below.

We have all the details on today’s 3.14.1 POE update. You can download this update and play the latest version of this game.

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POE Patch notes today 3.14.1 Update

General corrections and improvements

  • Improved targeting of Harvest skill. Previously, using Harvest when targeting a sample could cause the skill to miss the sample because it was applied from the cursor point. When you apply the Harvest skill to a monster, the skill is now applied to the monster’s position.
  • The in-game character table now shows immunity to Chaos damage if you have the passive skill Chaos Inoculation.
  • Fixed bug where Corrupted Fever could infect you with Corrupted Blood due to reflected or self-inflicted hits.
  • Fixed bug where the x% increased Focus cooldown recovery modifier made by crafters was applied to items as an unmade modifier. For existing objects with this modifier, the modifier is converted to an edited version.
  • Fixed bug with Atziri’s single staff rule where the Queen’s Call skill did not always activate Flame of Judgment and Storm of Judgment (POE patch notes for update 3.14.1).
  • Fixed a bug on the Caldera map where objects could fall into an inaccessible area.
  • Reflected damage from Konu’s Melt Shell Wind Creator skill now deals 33% less damage and has a Kuldown of 1 second (previously there was no Kuldown).
  • Fixed an issue with the Orion’s Glove microtransaction that was affecting Duelist.
  • Fixed a bug where Despair could temporarily not reserve mana in conjunction with Blasphemy when a single bottle of Witchfire Infusion was used.
  • Fixed bug where the Fractal Titan boss on the Cortex map used the wrong skills when leaking too much energy with POE Patch notes from today’s 3.14.1 update.
  • Fixed a bug where opening an Atzoatl Temple or Traitor’s Shrine on a map that contained the Conqueror’s Castle could prevent the Conqueror from dropping a Protection Stone.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented music from playing when meeting Sirus, the Worlds’ Watcher. The track has also been added to Hideout’s music player.
  • Fixed a bug where a single red blood promise ring could bypass curses by bypassing curse immunity when a curse aura was activated and affecting you.

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  • Fixed a visual bug where some basic object types introduced in version 3.13.0 were not displaying correctly when using Animate Guardian with the 3.14.1 update to POE Patch Notes Today.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the visual ignition of a single ash urn to be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Strike microtransactions were applied to the Blood Sacred skill granted by the unique Relic of the Covenant wand.
  • Fixed an issue where the Deadly Renegade Cloak microtransaction was causing a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where unique talismans could fall out of the Temple of Atsoatl unnoticed.
  • The Shining Treasury and Humble request spoiled items reward divination cards. It’s just a change of description.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect was not working properly on the divergent phase race with the 3.14.1 update to the POE Today patch notes.
  • Clarification that fanaticism causes a reduction in all costs (not just mana costs). It’s just a change of description.
  • Fixed bug where Tormented Spirits could use abilities while possessing a defeated target of Betrayal.
  • Fixed a mistake where the unique Blackflame ring did not apply the correct visual ignition.
  • Fixed bug where the Traitor Investigation table did not always display the correct Syndicate members and their relationships.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a duelist from getting Eena’s Cruelty support after completing Sharpening and Cruelty.
  • Fixed bug where Cannot Roll attack modifiers did not always work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug on the siege map where items could fall into an inaccessible place.
  • Clarifies that the Snowmantle upgrade does not reduce damage. It’s just a change of description.
  • Fixed bug that caused inaccessible areas on the City Square, Factory and Ramparts maps.

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UltimatumImprovements and corrections

  • Ultimates encounters held in a stone circle now have larger circles with the 3.14.1 update to the POE patch notes.
  • The experience and drop of monsters in the Stone Circle Ultimatum encounter has been improved to bring it in line with other Ultimatum encounters.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters didn’t always disappear after completing an Ultimatum encounter.
  • Limit the number of rare monsters that can appear per wave in Ultimatum encounters.
  • Sub-area entries (such as the Vaal area) are now temporarily disabled when you are in an Ultimatum encounter.
  • The Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier is included in the patch notes of the POE 3.14.1 update.
  • Fixed bug where the Heart of Hale divination card did not count towards the influence item reward criteria in the divination card award quest.
  • Added a brief interruption when teleporting to the Event Master arena.
  • Improved various visual effects in the encounter with the Trial Master.

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Corrections of accidents

  • Fixed a client error that could occur when opening items.
  • An error in an instance has been corrected.
  • Client error fixed with the 3.14.1 update to the POE Today Patch Notes.

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