Plume Labs Introduces Flow 2 – Embeds 3 New Features

With Flow 2, Plume Labs takes another giant step towards putting air quality intelligence in the hands of everyone. This new pollution sensor follows the design of the 2018 one, but offers a few new features, such as an improved silicone attachment, a striking graphite grey dress and above all some serious technological advances. Indeed, the Plume Labs engineering team has embedded 3 new features in this new Flow.

  • Enhanced accuracy: measuring a new class of pollutants at the forefront of environmental research

A redesigned electronic circuit combined with a new generation of machine learning algorithms has resulted in even higher accuracy for the pollutants already measured by Flow 1 (PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and VOCs) but especially in the measurement of PM1 which represents a quantum leap for the user community.

  • Personalized Battery Management the time between charges is reduced from 24 hours to a maximum of 3 days.

Flow 1 introduced in 2018 the most complete portable pollution measurement combined with continuous operation for accurate personal mapping for 24 hours on a single charge. Users shared their desire for more flexibility (for example, to pause Flow at night at home): Flow 2’s new “standby” function offers users more precise management of their Flow and its battery from the mobile application

  • Data comes to life: new export functionality to combine Flow measurements with other sources

Flow users have asked how to combine Flow and third-party data to create their own visualizations and explore air quality in new ways. Plume’s mobile developers have therefore designed a data export feature. Thus, the history of the Flow data as well as the maps generated in the application can now be safely delivered to your mailbox.

These three updates take Flow’s already vital air quality information to a new level. A 2018 study showed that the right information at the right time can reduce exposure to pollution by up to half!

The problem is global but mobilization is increasing.

While awareness of the dangers of air pollution is growing, so are the public demands for clean air. The “State of the Air 2019” report of the American Lung Association, for example, shows that far too many cities across the United States have experienced an increase in the number of days with record levels of fine particle pollution.

The European Court of Justice recently condemned France for “systematically and persistently” exceeding the nitrogen dioxide limit since 2010. The European Environment Agency estimates that in France, 9,300 premature deaths each year are linked to this gas.

Innovation comes at a price

From the choice of components to industrial design, Flow is a state-of-the-art connected object and the fruit of 5 years of R&D at Plume Labs. Flow 1 was introduced at 179 euros, Flow 2 is at 159 euros!




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