PlayStation 5 Slim with 5-Nanometer APU Rumored for 2023 Release


Sony may be planning to release a slimmer version of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, in just two years. This speculation comes from Paul Eccleston, owner of Red Gaming Tech, who has been told by one of his sources at AMD that Sony has already reserved some of TSMC’s coveted 5-nanometer capacity for 2023. Eccleston suggested that this is most likely the PS5 Slim, as the performance differences between TSMC’s 7nm and 5nm processes don’t seem significant enough to make the PlayStation 5 Pro plausible.

[…] I’m told that Sony has reserved time at TSMC for their 5nm factory starting in 2023, and if you look at the performance jump from the 7nm node to 5nm, it’s not much, Eccleston said in a recent video. It’s not like what we saw from 14nm to 7nm, so yes, it’s better, but it’s certainly not enough, at least in my personal opinion, to go for the PlayStation 5 Pro. To achieve this, they need to significantly increase the power of the GPUs.

[…] technically, they could do that if they wanted to get away with a bigger cube. Xbox is more moribund than Sony, for example, so maybe Sony can get away with it in that regard. I’m also told that Sony has set aside time for AMD’s custom development team, and apparently this team, as the name implies, customizes silicon to meet customer needs. […] this will be an integral part of when they change the SoC for another variant of the PlayStation.

Sony’s inevitable PS5 upgrade will likely feature a much sleeker design than the current system, which has been criticized for its considerable size. One of the biggest challenges for engineers might be finding a smaller, but equally effective replacement for the large 120mm fan that takes up most of the console.


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frequently asked questions

Will Sony release a smaller PS5?

PS5 Slim release date – When will the PlayStation 5 Slim console be released? The PS4 Slim was released three years after the standard PS4 console. So the PS5 Slim isn’t expected to hit stores until around 2023.

How much does a PS5 cost in Nigeria?

However, delays in reaching the Nigerian market are to be expected. Based on pre-order data from offline and online stores around the world, the PlayStation 5 will be available between N580,000 and N650,000 depending on which version you want.

Will the PS5 be thin?

Ultimately, the PS5 Slim will likely consume less power than the PS5 while being smaller, as the name implies. However, the release date of the new PS5 models may not coincide with 2023.

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