There are many unanswered questions about the Sony PlayStation 4. The manufacturer therefore set about creating a complete FAQ with some 160 answers to questions that users may have.

In this Ultimate FAQ created by Sony, you can find information about the PlayStation 4 Camera, the PS Store and accessories. Sony is also committed to answering the most frequently asked questions from users, including questions about the storage of the new beast.

Many will be disappointed to learn that Sony’s future console will not be able to accept any external hard drive to expand its memory. It will not be possible to connect any external hard disk drive via USB to the PS4 , but Sony will not go into detail.


On the other hand, Sony specifies that it will still be possible to modify the memory of console by changing the internal hard drive. The only constraint is that the new integrated hard disk must not exceed 9.5 mm thick and its capacity must exceed 160 GB.

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