Places to purchase affordable WordPress themes

Places to purchase affordable WordPress themes

Last Updated on July 28, 2019

We all know that the most important thing for a WordPress site is the theme we use. A theme has a lot to do with the website from user experience to the conversion of traffic. Thus, you should be considering all the parameters while choosing a theme.

There are few things worth considering before purchasing a theme

Is it fast?

Does the developer actively provide support and bug fixed?

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Do they allow you to use the theme on multiple domains?

Here are some theme makers who provide some excellent services at an affordable price.


Themeforest is probably the place most heard. If you don’t know yet, it is the biggest and best place to buy WordPress themes.

In fact, it is not only good for WordPress themes, but also a good place to source some cool themes for your drupal or Joomla based websites.

Or if you are looking for some HTML templates, you can try it.

Coming back to the WordPress, you can buy some awesome themes starting as low as $15, while most famous and well documented and tested themes costs you anything between $58-69, it’s worth the pricing.

There are many famous theme developers working towards developing many great themes and you can find one which is suitable for your website.

And investing in a premium theme rewards you over time, trust us, it does!

My theme shop

My theme shop is our next favourite theme developer when it comes to WordPress themes and plugins. They do have some beautiful themes for all kinds of websites.

A single theme costs around $39 and can be used on a single domain if you need to use it on multiple domains, you need to pay extra.

You can also buy a membership so that you can use all the themes without any limitations. But naturally, it will cost you more, but if you’re an agency or a developer, this would be your best deal.

Their themes also come with 1 year free updates and support and after one year, you must pay a nominal fee to get updates and support.

If you are looking for rather simpler and cheaper themes or some minimalistic designs, you should probably check out my theme shop.

Happy themes

Happythemes is your best bet if you are looking for a cheap and good theme. One big advantage of Happythemes is that you can purchase themes from them and you can use it on an unlimited number of domains which other theme developers does not allow.

Their themes are optimized for speed and come with an easy setup which means you can customize everything on their website via the WordPress customizer.

We have had contacted their support with some billing issues and they replied promptly and resolved the issues for us. For technical support, they encourage you to use the forum and we found that they are pretty active there and users are getting fast replies.

One problem I found with them is that their themes do not offer a custom control panel, they use the WordPress customizer to change theme settings and options. In fact, we never felt that it is a con as we can change almost everything via the customizer.

We absolutely love Happythemes for various reasons such as affordable prices, ease of use and also love them for the optimized code which offers super-fast loading time.


Themify is another WordPress theme developer which offers great drag and drop WordPress themes and also offers premium plugins. They currently have 42 themes and 12 plugins. You can get all of these themes with a master club membership for $89.

While a single theme costs $49, you can also get a lifetime membership for $249 as well which allows lifetime access on all themes, plugins, support and other addons.

They allow you to use their themes on an unlimited number of websites without an extra license or payment which will be helpful for those who have many websites.

Their themes also come with an options panel which makes setting up and editing your theme setup easy and fast.

Tesla themes

Tesla themes is another popular WordPress theme developer which is known for their beautiful themes. A single theme from tesla theme costs $59 and which can be used on an unlimited number of domains. However, updates are available for 1 year only.

They also have membership options which cost around $99 for a year and $299 for a lifelong plan. You can choose one which suits well for yourself.

They do run promos frequently so you can make use of their promos to get their themes and packages at an affordable price.

Elegant themes

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Elegant themes are one of the famous and well-known theme developers out there. Their Divi theme is extremely popular among WordPress enthusiasts and webmasters alike. Along with that, they also have other themes which are quite popular as well.

Their pricing starts from $89/Year which includes access to all themes and includes premium support and updates. They also provide lifetime access with a one-time payment of $249 which includes lifetime updates and lifetime support.

Unfortunately, they do not sell a single theme. But considering their pricing it is worth paying, Their yearly plan costs only $89 which is a very good deal considering what you get.

WP zoom

WP Zoom is another well-known theme developer. who provides premium WordPress themes and plugins. Their single theme costs around $69 which come with 1 year of automatic updates and support.

If you have more than one website, you can purchase their premium theme packages. The basic package starts from $99/Year(With a promo).  With which you can access all themes and it includes a license for up to 3 websites.

If you need even more license, you must choose a higher plan. Yeah, their plans are little weird but worth it while considering the price.

Theme junkie

Theme junkie is around for a while and they have some good themes. They do have an excellent support team and great pricing options.

You can get all of their themes for about $99/year or $199 for lifetime access. ( Sometimes they run promos with up to 75% off and you can make use of this). Depends on the package you purchased, you can avail support for up to 1 year or for a lifetime.


These are our list of best theme makers available. You can buy themes from them as per your needs. If you are on a tight budget, we would recommend you to buy from theme makers like Happy themes and theme junkie, If you need the best support and greater options, I would suggest you go with Themeforest or Elegant themes.

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