Pitt to compensate for laid-off dining workers who are students

Pitt compensates for the layoffs of students in the cafeteria in response to the COWID 19 pandemic, university officials said Friday. For the first time, the university’s Times Pitt has reported on the movement.

The university will provide financial support and scholarships to 173 students fired by the contractor Sodexo who works at Pitt Restaurant. It is equal to their salary, multiplied by the average number of hours worked from the beginning of the semester until spring break, and then multiplied again by six weeks, which is the number of weeks remaining in the semester after Pitt has sent the students home.

It was a change of position Gallagher made during Thursday afternoon’s Senate session, when he said it would be a huge financial commitment for Pitt to accept the losses of subcontractors such as Sodexo. Pitt has already committed to paying most students, but not to subcontractors like Sodexo.

Our ability to support these employees is very different from our ability to support our own, says Gallagher. She was much more limited.

Some 400-500 canteens and other contract workers on campus, such as guards, dismissed by Sodexo will not receive any financial support as a result of the move. Many employees report that they are currently in financial difficulties and are trying to survive on unemployment benefit.

Traci Benjamin, a spokesperson for Local Union SEIU 32BJ, representing Pitt’s canteen and security staff, did not respond to the request for comments.

After a 29-year partnership with the university, Sodexo’s current 10-year Foodservices contract expires on 30 September. June. Pitt announced last month that it will use the Group’s Compass, a UK-based multinational food company, to develop a new range of products for the food industry from 1 January 2009. July as a new one-stop-restaurant.pittsburgh student news,pitt student,pitt news twitter,the pitt news best of,the pitt news contact,university of pittsburgh breaking news,pitt news sports,university of pittsburgh blog

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