People Know an End, But Not THE End – Game of Thrones Series

“People know an end, but not THE end. “The author took the opportunity of an interview with Die Welt to give some details on the continuation of the adventures of the Stark, Lannister and Targaryen on paper.


Disappointed fans, there is still hope for Game of Thrones If the final of the series had left the spectators bitter, it might not be the same for the conclusion of the literary saga. In an interview with the German daily Die Welt, George R.R. Martin looks back on the end of the series and the future of the characters in his books. Without giving too much detail, he revived the hope of a worthy final. As he has said many times, “People know the end, but not the ATA end. The creators of the series had overtaken me, which I didn’t expect. From season 5 on, the series had had to advance blindly and could no longer rely on novels to support its writing. Martin had therefore drawn up a guideline, which allowed the writers to stick as closely as possible to the ending imagined by the author.

** Attention spoilers**

This ending will in substance not be very different from the one that appeared on the screens last May, but the writer admits that it was “not quite true” to what he had imagined. Bran should still sit on the throne according to his interpreter. “David and Dan told me two things that George R.R. Martin had in mind for Bran, the revelation of Hodor and that he would be King. “The books could give us more information about Bran’s powers and his reasons for accepting the crown. His ability to see the future could be the key to all this mystery, which the series unfortunately did not explore.

The writers wanted a trilogy

While the author gives hope to fans of the saga, he says that a saga on the big screen is not an option for the moment. “Right now, it’s not up to me because HBO owns the rights to the adaptation of Game of Thrones David Beniofff and D.B. Weiss wanted the saga to end after seven seasons with three great films, but the producers said they were not in the film industry,” he explains. As for when this end will come, we’ll have to wait and see. The last two novels are being written and Martin had put it aside to write Fire and Blood, derived from the Game of Thrones universe. Now that the series is over, he can finally devote himself to writing Winds of Winter.

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Game Of Thrones (The Throne of Thrones)

  • HBO (12/03/2019)
  • DVD, Parental consent desired
  • Running time: 430 minutes
  • Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Conleth Hill, Rory McCann, Liam Cunningham




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