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In this book, it’s the same with our lives. It’s what’s inside that counts. There’s something in us that makes us stand up – it’s our attitude. Have you ever wondered why some people, organisations or countries are more successful than others? It’s no secret. These people just think and act more effectively. They learned that by investing in the most precious capital, namely people. I believe that the success of an individual, organization or country depends on the quality of its people. I’ve spoken to the heads of major companies around the world and I asked one question: If you had a magic wand, and there was one thing you wanted to change, that would give you a progressive position in the market that would lead to increased productivity and profit, what would that be? The reaction was unanimous. They all said that if people had a better attitude, they would be better players on the team, and that this would reduce waste, increase loyalty and make their company a better Place to Work in general. William James of Harvard University said… The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can change his life if he changes his attitude towards the subject. Experience shows that Human Resources are a company’s most valuable asset. It is more valuable than capital or equipment. Unfortunately, it’s also the biggest waste. People can be your greatest asset or your greatest responsibility.

In this book –You can win a PDF book by Shiv Khera – success is no coincidence. It’s the result of our relationship, and our attitude is a decision. So success is a matter of choice, not happiness. Most of the cracks are waiting to hit the jackpot. But can it be a success? A priest came by and saw an Allied farm of exceptional beauty. He stopped the car to judge a rich harvest. A farmer drove a tractor and saw a priest around the corner. He went to the priest and when he arrived, the priest said that God has blessed you with a beautiful farm. You should be grateful. The farmer answered: Yes, God has blessed me with a beautiful farm, and I am grateful to Him, but you should see this farm when God had the whole farm for Him! How come someone is going from one success to another, and some are still preparing? How is it that one person goes through life, overcomes one obstacle after another, reaches his or her goals, while another struggles and goes nowhere? If the answer to these two questions can be part of the curriculum, it can revolutionize the education system. An unusual person is looking for an opportunity, while an ordinary person is looking for safety. We have to think about what we want and not what we don’t want.

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